Higher Metrix – Turning Your Data into Actionable Outcomes

Philadelphia, March 12, 2015: Higher Metrix recently announced the launch of a leading consulting practice to assist organizations in driving stronger business outcomes. Understanding the demands HR and Procurement communities are tasked with every day, Higher Metrix created services that align with helping them drive the best solutions for their organization. Higher Metrix services are targeted to improve process efficiencies, selection of the right service provider and industry benchmarking. Higher Metrix’s goal is to be the best business partner to the HR and Procurement communities.

Jennifer Beck, CEO and Co-Founder stated, “One of the areas we are focused on is helping organizations chose the right service partner. It is extremely challenging and a critical milestone in the career of any HR and procurement executive. Identifying a well-defined measurable selection process that is clearly articulated to all stakeholders is imperative to the success of any outsourced program. Our systematic approach will assist in selecting the right partners to move a company forward.”

To learn more about Higher Metrix, please visit their website, www.HigherMetrix.com.