Waco, TX; April 9th, 2012 — Profiles International is offering a complimentary webinar on `Using Assessments to Hire and Develop a Winning Sales Team.’

It’s important to hire people who have the right competencies and characteristics for a sales position. With sales people, it’s their job to sell and they are experts at putting forth their strongest attributes. Along with the product, they are selling their knowledge, personality and credibility. Although this can make them effective sales people, when it comes to the hiring process this power to persuade and assert themselves can be dangerous for the hiring manager.

It can be difficult to decipher whether they are genuine or if they are just “selling” you to get the position. Wrong hiring decisions can significantly damage an organization’s productivity and profits. In recent research by Profiles International, statistics show that 16% of sales representatives underperform, 68% have average performance and only 16% are top performers.

This hour long webinar is being presented by Al Rainaldi, Executive Vice President, CLO and CSO of Profiles International. Rainaldi and his team work closely with clients and colleagues around the world with the focus of implementing assessments that result in the direct achievement of improved bottom-line results.

Rainaldi will be introducing the Profiles Sales Solution Set which includes:
The Profiles Sales Assessment™ matches individuals to specific sales positions in an organization based on the qualities required to perform successfully
The Profiles Sales Checkpoint™ is a 180-degree feedback system that helps sales managers evaluate sales people, surface their development needs and align sales priorities
•The Sales e-Learning System targets those areas in need of further development.

Attendees will learn how these three critical components provide a unified platform for selecting sales managers and representatives, managing performance, and developing capabilities to exceed expected results.

Learn new practical ideas and fresh insights to build your outstanding sales force.
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April 18th 2012 @ 3pm CDT REGISTER