Hiring Gets Powered Up At HR Tech With JobApp

Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, September 21, 2012 – JobApp is going to be on the scene at HR Tech in the Windy City Oct. 8-9 at McCormick Place.

JobApp invites attendees to stop by Booth #543 to experience empowered talent management.

Hiring managers become Hiring Superheroes with the JobApp automated talent management system by:

• Hiring Powerful Candidates (with JobApp’s 5-star Screening Process)
• Hiring Faster
• Hiring More Efficiently (eliminating paper)
• Hiring Risk-Free: compliant, automated hiring
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Compliance: What You Need to Know in Changing Times.”

About JobApp
JobApp gives any company with a decentralized workforce what it needs to hire the best person for the right job, right now. You identify the top 20 percent of applicants at a glance, engage the best candidates quickly and, just as efficiently, you draw a bead on a new employee’s best next move within your company. But that’s only what the candidate and hiring manager might see.

Behind the scenes, paperwork is eliminated from the entire process, from application (whether by phone or online,) background checks and assessments through onboarding and performance management. Hiring compliance? Done. Tax credit eligibility? Handled.

Headquartered in Bloomfield Hills, Mich., JobApp is online at http://www.jobappnetwork.com/.