HiringSolved Introduces RAI, the First Artificial Intelligence Assistant for Recruiters

CHANDLER, Ariz., September 27, 2016–HiringSolved, a technology company that leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning to solve problems for talent acquisition practitioners, has introduced RAI, an artificial intelligence assistant for recruiters. Pronounced “Ray,” the solution (Recruiting Artificial Intelligence) maximizes the accuracy and efficiency of recruiters by providing a Siri-like conversational interface for sourcing top talent.

RAI is built upon HiringSolved’s TalentFeed search engine, which uses a layered approach to search relevance, combining multiple scoring algorithms to find the best results. Similarly, RAI’s flexible Knowledge Engine provides recruiters with detailed insights about companies, skills, title concentrations and specific people that can be sorted based on location, gender and more. Specifically regarding diversity, RAI is able to predict candidates’ genders through HiringSolved’s Diversity Search tool, which uses proprietary data that HiringSolved has access to, as opposed to relying on published statistics as most companies do. For instance, if a recruiter wants to know Google’s male-female ratio, the engine analyzes every employee working for Google, predicting their gender with an error rate of ~3%, and computing the ratio. RAI produces insights about talent in real-time, bringing context to recruiting.

“We’re building Siri for recruiting and in effect, introducing the recruiting process of tomorrow” said Shon Burton, founder and CEO of HiringSolved. “RAI reduces the level of manual labor involved in recruiting by automating many of the steps required to find and initially contact candidates. Like a chatbot, RAI is conversational, possessing the ability to have similar discussions that a human recruiter has with a hiring manager. RAI asks a series of questions like what sort of person the user is hiring, where they need to be and what skills they should have in order to significantly narrow down the candidate pool. Recruiters can reach peak performance as they match their organizations with ideal job candidates through these highly-specified search results.”

To develop RAI, HiringSolved combined multiple recent technological advances in artificial intelligence, real-time web crawling, data mining, and machine learning. Central to the user experience is RAI’s conversational interface, which is driven by a custom natural language processing engine that has been modeled after early-stage recruiting conversations, such as the discussions between a hiring manager and a recruiter.

RAI builds upon five years of research and development, and depends on data fed by multiple web-based sources, as well as HiringSolved’s TalentFeed database, which contains aggregated information from more than three billion social profiles and collected data from the public web. The database and search applications that RAI is based on uses advanced AI technologies, including predictive models, neural networks, facial recognition, and custom graph analysis systems.

RAI is available in Beta for HiringSolved customers. Users can sign up for RAI on the waiting list: https://hiringsolved.com/hello/rai

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