Hogan Collaborates with Thinkwise to Launch Hogan ThinkBox, an Online Leadership Development Resource

Hogan ThinkBox offers a new, informal learning environment that gives organizations using the Hogan assessments resources to enhance learning and provide a hands-on personalized experience. Additionally, the tailored resource provides a cost-effective way to extend Hogan-based training, enabling HR managers to increase training efficiency and effectiveness by distilling expert advice and expertise into hundreds of engaging development resources.
“Many business leaders and HR managers are working under tight budget constraints with a big focus on developing managers and leaders,” says Greg Barnett, Director of Domestic Consulting at Hogan Assessment Systems. “Hogan ThinkBox provides self-guided, customized coaching and development tools that help employees build on strengths, explore limitations, and maximize career potential.”

All resources within Hogan ThinkBox are organized by competency, management topic, or Hogan scale and can be customized to any leadership framework. The development advice is realistic and actionable providing step-by-step guidance on both underuse and overuse of over 60 business and leadership competencies. With over 700 videos, e-coaching modules, articles and book resources, the content is a compilation of the most authoritative and relevant advice from consultants, professors and business leaders.

Hogan selected ThinkWise to develop the platform based on their ability to collapse advanced and expert knowledge around organizational effectiveness into simple, user-friendly solutions that can be made available to everyone regardless of organization size, location, or type.

“What sets Hogan ThinkBox apart is that it was developed to work in concert with individual HPI and HDS results — as well as with an organization’s leadership competencies. We’re particularly excited to be combining the ongoing learning power of ThinkBox with one of most recognized leadership and managerial assessments” says Marc Wenzel, VP of Sales for ThinkWise, Inc. “The highly advanced science of the Hogan assessments comes to life in this flexible, customizable learning-on-demand solution.”

For more information about Hogan ThinkBox, visit www.hoganthinkbox.com.

About Hogan
Founded in 1987, Hogan helps businesses succeed by offering the right solutions for hiring the right people, developing key talent, and evaluating leadership potential. Hogan Assessment Systems specializes in implementing selection systems to identify high potential candidates for targeted positions and leadership development tools to help emerging leaders realize their full potential. Hogan’s assessments can be administered in multiple languages and are available on a state-of-the-art internet platform, giving customers accurate feedback within seconds of completion. Among Hogan’s authoritative assessments are the Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI), Hogan Development Survey (HDS), and Motives, Va! lues, and Preferences Inventory (MVPI). For more information visit www.hoganassessments.com.

About ThinkWise, Inc.
ThinkWise is a leading developer of integrated talent management and development solutions, including ThinkBox, an innovative on-demand learning solution. The full ThinkWise solution is an integrated set of tools designed to be simple, user-friendly, and flexible — providing modules for making smarter hiring decisions, aligning strategies and goals, providing performance feedback, and developing leadership competencies. ThinkBox provides a vast library of resources including expert videos, avatar-guided eCoaching modules, interactive tips, articles, book summaries, and toolkits — all designed to be short and instantly applicable. ThinkWise, founded in 1999, is an eclectic mix of experts including psychologists, HR professionals, instructional designers, MBAs, experienced business executives, and developers who continue to re-shape the way organizations select, align, and develop their people. For more information about ThinkWise, visit www.ThinkWiseInc.com.

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