How 94 percent of sales organizations are raising their revenue goals this year.

WACO, Texas, February 17, 2012 – Profiles International, a global provider of employee assessment solutions, is sponsoring a live webinar on February 22, 2012 along with the managing partners of CSO Insights, Jim Dickie and Barry Trailer.
CSO Insights, a research firm specializing in sales analysis, conducts an annual “Sales Performance Optimization Survey” that covers industry trends, outlooks and best-practices. Profiles International proudly sponsors the survey every year. In the past two years, research has shown continued improvement in sales performance with a record-high percentage of sales reps having met or exceeded their quota.
From the Sales Performance Survey, 94 percent of companies say they are raising their revenue goals this year. With the uncertain global economy, the biggest question for 2012 is: Can sales organizations continue to improve performance and how?
To address this issue, Profiles International is sponsoring CSO Insights’ comprehensive sales performance webinar titled, “Keeping the Sales Momentum Going in 2012.” Derived from research and case studies, the online presentation will share best-practices on how sales teams can be successful in the areas of:
•    Increasing win rates
•    Reaching and exceeding quota assignments
•    Shortening the sales cycle
•    Dealing with various sales challenges
Attendees will also receive a complimentary whitepaper, “Don’t Be Your Own Biggest Competitor: Finding Internal Gaps in Your Sales Process.”
Register for the webinar here.

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