How Can Job Boards Close the Employer-Candidate Gap?

A perfect recruitment strategy is one that establishes a better connection between employers and candidates.

Do you agree?

Even after the presence of a large number of recruitment tools and technologies, employers still look for solutions to find smart talent. Similarly, candidates also want to have a positive experience while applying for jobs. There are instances when both employers and candidates feel a disconnect between them, which does not give expected results.

What can you do to close this gap?

Let me write about how you can enhance this relationship and bring maximum candidates on board.

According to Recruiting Daily, 53.7% of candidates who use general job boards are getting irrelevant or unqualified candidates. 

Clearly, job boards must make efforts to bring quality candidates on board.

The foremost factor which defines the success of a job board is the candidate experience. If you are providing a positive experience to the candidates, you will see an increase in traffic. This will shorten the gap between the employer and candidate as employers will get more options to choose from.

Why is Candidate Experience Important?

Candidates expect to apply for a job on the go. It is a put off for them if they have to fill up their resume details again even after uploading their resume. In a spur of a moment, they leave the website. This is why the candidate experience matters.

Imagine if candidates can visit your website and apply for a job with a click!

How can you make the job application process easy?

The answer is easy. Use technology and see its magic. With the help of a resume parser, the candidates can upload the resume, and the parser automatically fills the rest of the fields. Candidates save their time on filling up the repetitive information. As a result, they can submit their resumes quickly, and you will see a minimal exit rate of candidates from your website.

Semantic Match technology also gives employers and candidates similar matching recommendations for resumes and jobs.

Closing the employer-candidate gap is the priority of today because we all are focusing on taking recruitment to the next level.