How is RChilli Resume Parser a Game Changer in Salesforce Ecosystem?

Is recruitment all about hiring any random applicant to fill the position, or is it about picking that one right person who would be a good fit for the company? Well, the second option, without a doubt. But, how many times are you able to realize this? Hardly. This is where a well-integrated tool like Salesforce makes the recruitment process strategically streamlined.

What Is Salesforce and How Does It Help The Recruitment Industry? 

An “All-Inclusive Productive Tool,” as it’s fondly called, it caters to numerous segments of the recruitment industry. By facilitating the recruiters to segregate the prospects into segments, starting with the most eligible ones at the top tier to those who add up in the queue or the maybe list, everything gets highly systematic. Adding to this is the impeccable coordination between the recruitment panel and the HR department. 

 When integrated with resume parser, the Salesforce ecosystem pre-built tools simplify and further enhance the quality of candidate search. But are all resume parsers the same? Underlined are the few features that you might find in almost every parser:

  • It’s a pocket-friendly and resource saver solution to the candidate hiring procedure.
  • The candidate screening process is comparatively faster and more efficient.
  • Candidates too have a positive experience since they don’t have to wait for days to get hired.
  • The chances of missing out on great candidates among the hundreds of potential prospects are minimal.
  • The details of the candidates, even if they aren’t shortlisted, stay in the database. In the future, if a position comes up, you know which candidate to reach out to.

Shortcomings of Resume Parser

Just like a coin has two sides, despite all these benefits, there were many challenges that came along in the resume parser package.

  • First being, the company’s or the recruiters, in general, had to pay for the features whether or not they needed them.
  • Secondly, because the parsing software was engineered to rely on the complex statistical algorithms to structure the resumes, any writing style variation would mean recruiters losing the potential candidates.
  • The built-in tools could find the data in the resumes ambiguous, particularly when it is written in hundreds of different ways.

Understanding the restrictions and complexities of the existing resume parsers and the recruiters, RChilli enhanced the functionalities of its resume parser in the Salesforce environment. Going a notch ahead and becoming a standalone parser in Salesforce, the advanced features embedded in it make candidate screening better and enriched. 

How Is RChilli Resume Parser Better?

  • Built to Fit Your Needs

As mentioned above, a standalone resume parser in Salesforce, its workflow is designed to help you customize the hiring procedure that fits your company requirements. Integrated with unparalleled resume parsing functionalities, as a recruiter, you can select a plan or features that meet your candidate selection criteria.

  • Bulk Import

That’s one feature that’ll help the recruiters parse multiple resumes in a single go while getting the information extracted in seconds and automatically stored in the Salesforce database. The users can get well-defined and structured data whilst getting resume feed from the partner site or resume data sets.

  • Email Inbox Integration

The recruiters can fetch the data from multiple official inboxes in a go. A one-time setup and the CVs from multiple inboxes can be parsed.

  • Unbiased Recruitment

RChilli resume parser is designed to remove the data that the recruiters feel can result in a biased candidate selection. It facilitates the HR professionals to rank the candidates based on objective information and helps prevent bias. The software can be customized to avoid the factors that contribute to bias, including the name, gender, ethnicity, race, age, and more.

  • Auto-fill the data fields in Salesforce

Last but not least, the recruiters simply need to parse the resumes, and the resume parser will automatically populate the data fields. A lot of time that otherwise gets wasted in filling the information repeatedly too is saved.

  • Better Candidate Experience

From a candidate’s perspective, RChilli resume parser helps enhance their job application process too. Instead of wasting time in uploading the same details about their education qualification, experience, age, skills, and more repeatedly, they just have to upload the resume and the recruiters will get the desired information automatically. This reduces the candidate skip rate. Concluding Recruitment is a complex yet essential process. In fact, it gets tougher and painstaking as the number of positions to be filled increases. However, a fully integrated tool like RChilli’s Resume Parser in the Salesforce environment makes the process efficient and easy. Wish to create contacts in Salesforce?

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