HR 360, Inc. Adds Three New HR Applications to its HR Library

HR 360, Inc. Adds Three New HR Applications to its HR Library
Interview Question Builder, HR Self-Assessment & Employee Cost Calculator

STAMFORD, Conn., May, 2012 — HR360, Inc., publisher of the award-winning online HR360 Library, has added three new HR tools— an `Interview Question Builder,’ an `HR Self-Assessment’ tool, and an `Employee Cost Calculator.’ These new applications are available to subscribers and complement the existing `Job Description Builder’ and `Salary Benchmarking’ tools offered in the Library.

Interview Question Builder
The `Interview Question Builder’ helps employers evaluate whether a candidate has the knowledge, skills, and qualities necessary to become a successful employee. By simply entering some basic information about the position for which the candidate is being interviewed, the interviewer can select from more than 400 behavioral interview questions in 49 skill categories. A standardized interview guide is then generated to provide the employer with a structured interview process and standardized rating methodology. Each candidate’s individual strengths and weakness can be evaluated and easily compared to the results of other candidates interviewed.

HR Self-Assessment Tool
The `HR Self-Assessment’ tool helps companies evaluate their existing HR practices, assists in identifying potential gaps, and helps companies comply with the law. Employers and HR managers are led through a series of multiple-choice questions in key compliance areas such as recruitment and hiring, compensation and benefits, employee relations and safety. Detailed responses are provided for each answer selected, along with assigned ratings so that specific areas for improvement may be easily identified.

Employee Cost Calculator
The `Employee Cost Calculator’ helps show the hidden or `real costs’ of hiring a new employee by including costs mandated by law as well as the cost of a benefits package offered by an employer. The calculator allows employers to input various costs related to an employee or new hire and calculate the true overhead associated with that employee. From compensation and benefits to recruiting costs, training, office equipment and other allowances, the `Employee Cost Calculator’ accounts for all the typical expenses an employer may not necessarily think about when hiring a new employee.

“Our team created these tools to make employers’ lives easier. They’re meant to simplify some of the most challenging and time-consuming HR tasks that every business has to deal with — the interview process and evaluating HR management. The tools guide an employer through every step of the process. It does not get any easier than this,” said Sara Sclafani, Director of Content Development at HR 360, Inc.

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