Announces ‘Employee Well-being’ Advisory Board for 2021 to Advise on HR Research and Best Practices for HR Professionals

Jacksons Point, Ontario, Canada  –, the largest network of human resources (HR) executives, has announced their ‘Employee Well-being Research’ Advisory Board for 2021. 

Working with’s HR Research Institute, the newly appointed Advisory Board will collaborate to positively influence the HR industry’s thought leadership and best practices through primary research as well as advise on the most impactful insights and key areas to conduct research within the important topics of employee health and well-being, mental health and stress in the workplace. 

The Advisory Board provides an opportunity for thought leaders to participate in discussions on this topic, share knowledge, provide valuable insights that will guide research surveys and capture the pulse of the HR community by asking about the practices and attitudes of employee well-being at their organizations. This will culminate in a full research report as well as an infographic that distills many of the key findings, providing a detailed snapshot of the current state of employee health and well-being and consider where it’s likely to be in the near future. The research report will be available free to all senior HR professionals to help them navigate employee well-being and mental health, especially in this year of stress and change and to help guide systemic change within their organizations. 

The research findings and key takeaways will also be presented at’s upcoming “State of Employee Well-being” virtual event taking place on February 10, 2021. The event team will look to the Advisory Board to recommend presenters and session topics, which will help to make the event best-in-class for HR professionals in attendance. The virtual event will also delve into the topics of employee safety, health and well-being in today’s workplace and provide an opportunity for HR professionals to collaborate in a virtual setting. Although the COVID-19 crisis brought these issues into focus as never before, the emphasis on employee well-being far predates the pandemic. Organizations increasingly understand that long-term employee performance hinges on that well-being. As a result, more employers have been thinking about well-being in five specific areas: physical, mental/emotional, social, financial, and environmental (workplace environment). 

The newly appointed Employee Well-being Advisory Board members include:

  • Sarah Anderson, Director, Product Marketing, Philanthropy Cloud, Salesforce
  • Andrea Bloom, Founder & CEO, ConnectWell
  • Pam Boiros, CMO, meQuilibrium
  • Joe Burton, Founder & CEO, Whil Concepts
  • Chuck Gillespie, CEO/Executive Director, National Wellness Institute
  • Lindsay Johnson, Founder & CEO, FitPros
  • Jake Lewellen, Executive, West Region, Humana
  • Tad Mitchell, President and CEO, WellRight
  • Cheryl Nienhuis, Director Complex Care Program, Mayo Clinic
  • Dianne Oakes, Director of Research & Analytics, eniWeb 
  • Jason Pagels,  Director Business Development, ComPsych
  • Kathleen Sewall, Director, Demand Gen & Digital Marketing, WellRight
  • Georges Smine, VP, Product Marketing, Salesforce
  • Mettie Spiess, CEO & Founder, A World Without Suicide
  • Lynn Zimmerman, VP Marketing, WellRight

The HR Research Institute releases annual “State of the Industry” reports in a variety of HR topic areas, including last year’s The Current State and Future of Employee Well-Being Programs: Heighten the employee experience by improving the well-being of the workforce


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