Aurora, ON Canada –’s innovative Personal Excellence App became the latest business offering for Referral Sales Associates, Schachter Consulting, and WMC Business Services LLC.

The Personal Excellence App and Web Platform were created to provide users with 3 to 5 minutes of personalized daily content to help reinforce training, build leadership, and motivate individuals to take action to improve their personal and professional life.

Companies and affiliates working with the app are able to incorporate their own content, messaging, branding, and user communications. The app is currently being used by F1000 companies to reinforce training and corporate values, by educational institutions to communicate with staff, students and alumni, and by associations to communicate with their members. With full metrics, content administration, and custom branding, organizations and affiliates can customize the App to best suit the needs of their users.

“We are privileged to work with executives deeply committed to ongoing professional development, both for themselves and their organizations. We’ve partnered with’s Personal Excellence App to combine our award-winning content with their library, and have also taken a role on its Advisory Board. We are excited to delight our clients with readily available top-quality leadership, team and personal effectiveness growth, literally right in their back pocket.”
Ephraim Schachter, President, Schachter Consulting

“I believe the PE APP has moved mobile learning from hype to reality where measurable improvements can be achieved in bending training’s forgetting curve.”
Charles Wood, Referral Sales Associates, Principal.

Affiliates team up with this leading edge mobile platform to continue reinforcing the principles and techniques they deliver while creating a new revenue stream for themselves. Affiliates also have the opportunity to do the following:
– Incorporate their branding and content
– Complement their curriculum/program with the app’s base library of content
– Extend their reach beyond their own clients
– Communicate with users and clients
– Help their clients drive performance and results

MORE INFORMATION HERE on becoming an Affiliate Partner

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About the Personal Excellence App
The Personal Excellence App is a development tool that allows individuals to build on their personal and professional development, and also provides organizations with a platform to engage, communicate, and train employees on a daily basis to achieve long-term positive changes. Built on uplifting and motivational content from over 4,000 contributors, users can benefit from receiving 3-5 minutes a day of personal development inspiration while organizations can customize the App and add their content to reinforce their training or development initiatives. Personal Excellence removes barriers organizations commonly face when trying to train their employees by creating a cost effective tool that helps build alignment, skills and motivation around any existing program.

About Referral Sales Associates
Referral Sales Associates provides training follow-up services to Chief Learning Officers. Smart mobile devices are used to communicate training content snippets. Corporate goals are to help improve knowledge retention often referred to as training’s ‘forgetting curve’. Proprietary customer referral training content is also provided to supplement client’s sales referral training. Motto: R3…Remind…Repeat…Remember. Contact: Charles Wood, Principal, Chicago, IL USA

About Schachter Consulting
Founded in 2002, Schachter Consulting LLC is a boutique executive coaching firm specializing in helping C-level executives, senior leaders, and top teams improve results and competitiveness. The company provides expertise in the substance and demonstration of executive leadership, preparing successors for critical leadership transitions and in building high-performing senior teams. Contact: Ephraim Schachter President

About WMC Business Services LLC
Engaging and empowering employees and their families to make positive changes is always a challenge. The Personal Excellence app by gives us the ability to target specific needs and address solutions for those needs based on the specific demographics of each of our clients. Contact: John Barker, Managing Partner