New “Ask the Expert” service offered by incorporates Brainsy’s leading edge Expert Calling Network (ECN(R)) platform to provide a system for HR Professionals to get paid when consulting or advising others by phone.

Washington, DC — announced the launch of “Ask the Expert” today at the Association for Talent Development (ATD) annual summit. For the first time ever, this innovative new service of connects HR industry consultants and subject matter experts with others via paid telephone calls. An automated payment platform allows experts to be compensated for discussing capsules of advice for professionals seeking guidance.

“Quality HR advice is critical to organizations of all sizes and never before has there been a service which enabled people to access and pay for HR expertise for short duration telephone calls,” Debbie McGrath, Chief Instigator and CEO, “This is particularly of value to our membership which includes a range of expertise from experienced accomplished executives to HR professionals looking to upgrade their careers or even troubleshoot a workplace scenario. Our community is all about sharing resources.”

Over 218,000 U.S.-based members of the professional community are eligible as experts in the Ask the Expert service, instantly creating the world’s largest network of HR expertise that can be accessed on-demand. HR professionals or consumers from most countries around the world can access Ask the Expert experts for 15, 30, or 60 minute phone consultations.

“We’re pleased that has chosen Brainsy’s Expert Calling Network platform as the foundation for’s Ask the Expert service,” stated Tom McKeown, Chief Marketing Officer of Brainsy. “Through custom-built APIs, we’ve integrated with the platform to make our innovative service available to the vast community. We also think this serves as a showcase for how Brainsy can support other social networks or communities that seek to strengthen their communities with Ask an Expert functionality.”

Experts may participate in the Ask the Expert service to generate leads and new business opportunities. Others may elect to participate for the ease and convenience in the system’s automated billing and collection. Initially, experts are limited to U.S.-based experts although consumers may access those experts from almost every country in the world. Interested members can visit to enroll as an expert.

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Debbie McGrath, Chief Instigator and CEO

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