’s HR Research Institute Announces ‘HR Metrics & Analytics Advisory Board’ for 2021 to Advise HR Research and Corresponding Virtual Event

Jacksons Point, Ontario, Canada, the largest network of human resources (HR) professionals, has announced the ‘HR Metrics & Analytics Advisory Board’ for 2021. The board will advise on primary research and best practices to help senior HR executives stay current and informed on the latest practices, applications, and trends regarding data analytics and metrics pertaining to human capital management.

Working closely with’s HR Research Institute (HRRI), the newly-appointed board of industry experts and thought leaders will counsel on the most impactful topics and key areas within the workforce analytics space to positively and effectively guide primary research. The upcoming research study will provide a detailed snapshot of where organizations are with analytics processes today, what works best in different contexts, the applications of the latest metrics, and how HR analytics is likely to evolve over the next few years.

The research insights and findings will be published in a major HR Research Institute report and will be further distilled into a two-page infographic. The results will also be featured at the complimentary virtual event, The State of HR Metrics & Analytics 2021, taking place September 8, 2021. The advisory board’s guidance will be invaluable in making both the research and the virtual event best-in-class for HR professionals in attendance.

Free for interested HR professionals, this virtual event will include webcast sessions with experts who will delve into the latest trends and topics in different areas of HR metrics and analytics. The event will aim to answer questions such as:

  • In which HR functional areas are analytics most essential?
  • How difficult is it to collect and properly integrate data used for analytics?
  • What technologies are most useful in the collection, visualization and analysis of HR-related data?
  • What factors are hindering HR analytics?
  • How can non-HR information be integrated into HR data to arrive at meaningful findings that aid business planning?
  • Which types of visualization and reporting tools and practices are most effective at helping executives understand HR trends and the implications of HR strategies and practices?
  • How successful are HR professionals at workforce planning, and where is this trend moving in the future?

The newly appointed ‘HR Metrics & Analytics Advisory Board’ for 2021 is comprised of the following industry thought leaders:

  • Donald Anderson, Vice President, Global Organizational Design and People & Talent Analytics, Oracle Corporation
  • Ian Cook, Vice President, People Analytics, Visier
  • Andrew Gadomski, Managing Director, Aspen Analytics
  • Dr. Cindy Gordon, CEO & Founder, SalesChoice, Inc
  • Nigel Guenole, PhD, Director, Behavioural and Data Science, Podium
  • Mohan Gunti, VP Technology, Phenom People
  • Brian D. Lowenthal, Managing Partner, Lion Valley HR Solutions
  • Mark McCauley, Chief Technology & Security Strategist, SAP SuccessFactors
  • Tom McKeown, CEO and Co-Founder, TrenData
  • Naveen Miglani, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, SplashBI
  • Jeff Mike, Vice President, Head of Research and Insights, Deloitte
  • RJ Milnor, Head of People Analytics, Uber
  • John Pensom, CEO & Co-Founder, PeopleInsight Workforce Analytics
  • James Troiano, Founder and CEO, PredictiveHR
  • Dave Weisbeck, Chief Strategy Officer, Visier

The HR Research Institute releases annual “State of the Industry” reports in a variety of HR topic areas. Free research reports and infographics can be downloaded at


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