's Institute for Human Resources (IHR) to Celebrate First Year Anniversary with Over 72,000 Registrations

Leading-edge content and top notch faculty mean a lot to’s friends as was demonstrated by over 37% of members who invested in their career last year with IHR / HRCI certification credits.

In the summer of 2010, as part of a three year plan to make IHR education widely available (for free) and certification very reasonable (less than $400), launched 22 certification programs.  These programs focus on deep domain expertise that enable a new spawn of HR specialists such as Master Sorcerer (makes people magically appear – from the Online Sourcing and Recruiting program) or Keeper of the Company Watch  (graduates from the Time and Attendance / Workforce Management program).

The IHR audience has clearly shown that participants want education that is:

1) On Demand:  When they want it, from where they want it (at the desk or in their pj’s  in bed!)

2) Personalized:  Tailored to meet their career goals and aspirations and help build out their personal network and increase personal self worth, showing them the money.

3) High Quality:  Based on user ratings and feedback of current people enrolled. Eliminating boring classrooms and text books.

4) Collaborative:  Based on the expertise and sharing of the community as opposed to one individual and that they are willing to contribute best practices.

With these principles in mind, some serious experienced dudes also known as advisory boards for each Program have worked endlessly identifying and selecting top industry experts to join the faculty.

Three year plan
As part of the three year process, Year 1 was wide adoption. Year 2 focuses on personalization and customization so these programs can be private labeled, delivered by existing university, college or continuing education programs, or private labeled for partners who offer adjunct products and services in these spaces.  Year 3 is personalization for corporate clients.

Why this program rocks!
The difference between this learning and education is that the community delivers the content.   In the last year, 1700 live IHR courses were delivered  (most of which can also be used  for HRCI recertification, as well likes to play well with others)  and will continue to broaden the course selection using third party content that is also engaging and relevant.

“It’s evident in the Institute’s registration numbers that this is a program that fits like a glove for HR professionals: Our members can choose their own track of HR to focus their development; there is no cost or commitment to view our online webcasts; the faculty is comprised of reputable and successful HR executives, and they can become certified while they work.  They can’t go wrong.” 
Debbie McGrath, Chief Instigator, members can now proudly share their learning with’s latest social media integration to Facebook and Linkedin and invite peers to attend the best-rated sessions and enemies to the boring dull session (which therefore won’t be online for long).  All 1700 sessions were produced live but are also available in archive mode after the live event, for those who have jobs where they cannot partake in learning from their desk.

About ( is a virtual company that believes in HR, Education, and Networking. If you have HR issues or career issues, is the friendly voice of reason you can talk to or you can network with over 194,000 members to find out all you need to know about this wacky world of work and people. As the largest social network and online community of HR executives, the strength of the members is the community.

About The Institute for Human Resources
IHR is the somewhat serious side of HR that focuses on education, and career development and hopeful pay of friends in the HR profession. There is no discrimination between staffing, benefits, or training people although IHR is friendly to payroll people as they control their wages.

Just because there is nothing better to do, IHR currently covers 22 key HR verticals ranging from Workforce Planning and Analytics, Developing Organizational Leadership Capabilities, Contract Workforce and Talent Exchanges, RPO, Quality of Hire, Integrated Talent Management to Employee Wellness and others.  Each program provides a full list of education, virtual events and accredited certification courses for a 12 -18 month period. Education, training and certification credits are available with “authorized partners” as well as with educational webcasts and award-winning virtual events. See List of Verticals

For more information contact:
Debbie McGrath, Chief Instigator,
1-877-472-6648, ext. 104