Aurora, Illinois — September 17, 2013 — JSTN, the first and only company that takes traditional text job posts and turns them into 60-second, newscast-style videos, is proud to announce the Video Vanguards HR Conference being held on September 26 at their studio headquarters in Aurora, Illinois.

Presented in conjunction with talentRISE, leading management consultants in recruiting, this half-day conference will revolve around the central theme of video as it relates to recruitment and HR, featuring companies that range from video interviewing to video job reports to corporate and branding videos. Other featured companies will delve into the implementation of video into social media and mobile campaigns and the role of video in generating superior metrics. Additionally, representatives from organizations who have successfully used video to generate greater efficiency and improved reach will provide insights into their strategy and best-in-class case studies.

“Many employers today seek cost effective, high touch ways to engage and attract top talent but they struggle with how to best incorporate video into their legacy recruiting systems and practices designed primarily around a job board post and pray model of recruitment,” said Carl Kutsmode, Partner and Talent Solutions Consultant for talentRISE and event moderator. “That’s why we’re excited about this conference–to help them bridge those gaps.”

The event will consist of two main parts. The first is a panel discussion with experts in the field providing an overview of the broad spectrum of video as it pertains to recruitment and branding, and the second segment will contain two breakout sessions, which will dig deeper into topics mentioned in the panel and include step-by-step applications. There will also be a keynote presentation, delivered by Elliot Clark, CEO of HRO Today Magazine & SharedXpertise. Since the event will be held at JSTN’s studio headquarters in Aurora, Illinois (about 45 minutes west of Chicago), attendees will get the added bonus of getting a “behind the scenes” sneak peek of a television production studio.

“Often times new technology can seem overwhelming, but there are very easy-to-implement tools that HR professionals can use to make their strategy more successful,” explained Lindsay Stanton, Chief Client Officer at JSTN. “The goal of this conference is to break down affordable, real-life applications. We want attendees to walk away from this with a sense of how this technology can actually make their jobs easier.”

Stanton, along with eQuest’s David Bernstein, will co-host one of the breakout sessions, “Ready, Aim, Hire – Leveraging the Power of Data-Driven Sourcing Strategies to Build Your Talent Pipelines.” She will also be on the panel along with Kurt Heikkinen (Montage), John Hancock (Loop), Cory Phillips (TalentReef), and Travis Kessel (Edelman). Crystal Miller from AT&T will host the other breakout session, “The Ins and Outs of Going Social with Video.”

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