HR in the Cloud™ Offers Unified SaaS Solutions to the HR Industry

Partnership joins four solution specialists into a unified talent management suite.

(Lima, Ohio) – September 29, 2011- Four industry-leading HR technology vendors have joined forces to satisfy the growing demand for powerful, affordable, and complete HR software as a service (SaaS) solutions. HR in the Cloud™ combines the best-of-breed software of myStaffingPro, BambooHR, CRG emPerform, and Strategia Ed.

Capitalizing on the success of their individual solutions, the four companies have collaborated to create HR in the Cloud, a groundbreaking collaboration of unified SaaS solutions that integrates applicant tracking, human resource information system (HRIS), performance management, and learning and compliance management. Together the products will provide a streamlined process from recruitment through the entire employee life cycle. This groundbreaking venture stemmed from the need for affordable HR software that can deliver rich functionality and proven results as opposed to thinner offerings that lack specialization.

Today’s business landscape is more fierce and competitive than ever. In order to survive and thrive, companies of all sizes must find cost-effective ways to manage and optimize business processes. SaaS solutions are an attractive option as they allow even the smallest of companies to implement crucial technologies. SaaS solutions offer speedy deployment, affordability, controlled risk, reduced I.T. burden, flexibility and most importantly, accessibility. Employees are often the largest organizational expense. HR in the Cloud’s Unified SaaS solutions allow organizations to optimize this investment.

The life cycle begins with myStaffingPro applicant tracking system. myStaffingPro provides the technology to recruit, qualify, track and hire applicants.

“HR in the Cloud joins myStaffingPro with the best-in-class HRIS, performance management, and learning and compliance management systems. The partnership joins four of the strongest solution specialists into a unified talent management suite,” stated CEO at myStaffingPro Bob Schulte.

Once hired, the employee data is exported into the HRIS system, BambooHR. BambooHR features employee data management, as well as PTO, benefit, and training tracking.

“HR in the Cloud addresses HR needs throughout the employee life cycle. Bamboo HR’s superior service, security, and flexibility is now enhanced through its relationship with myStaffingPro, emPerfom, and Strategia which shares these high standards,” added BambooHR CEO Ben Peterson.

The final phase, aligning and developing employees, is accomplished with emPerform’s robust employee performance management suite and Strategia’s learning and compliance management system. emPerform comes standard with vital performance management tools such as automated appraisals, succession planning, compensation management, goal alignment, 360 multi-rater reviews, and reporting functionality. Strategia offers the Ed Learning System™ which provides a global platform to plan, deliver, track and manage an organization’s formal and informal learning activities, compliance, competencies and certification programs as well as to create and deliver content through one or multiple portals including eCommerce gateways.

“HR in the Cloud is a talent management suite at its finest. Rather than merging and acquiring countless systems, HR in the Cloud connects four best-in-class specialist solutions. The result is a talent management super horse that still has a complete development and support team,” added Schulte.

HR in the Cloud provides a complete end-to-end recruiting and talent management platform to enable businesses to effectively attract, recruit, align, reward, train, and retain top talent. To learn more about HR in the Cloud, please visit

HR in the Cloud will debut their offering to more than 4,000 H.R. professionals at the 2011 HR Technology Conference October 3-5 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

About HR in the Cloud
HR in the Cloud is a groundbreaking collaboration of unified H.R. SaaS solutions. HR in the Cloud integrates the applicant tracking technology of myStaffingPro, the human resource information system (HRIS) technology of BambooHR, the performance management technology of CRG emPerform, and the learning and compliance management technology of Strategia. Together the products provide a streamlined process from recruitment through the entire employee life cycle. For more information, visit:

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