HR Metrics Coach and InTalent Consulting Group Announce HR Boot Camp, a Workout for Workforce Planning

ATLANTA – January 23, 2013 – After the release of their article “Why Your Workforce Planning Efforts May Be Doomed To Fail…And What You Can Do About It” late last year, HR Metrics Coach and InTalent Consulting Group are delighted to announce their next joint HR Boot Camp(TM): Strategic Workforce Preparation. The event will be held on Thursday, March 7, 2013 in St. Petersburg, Florida at the Renaissance Vinoy Resort and Golf Club. This hands-on, one-day training workshop has been designed to enable teams to determine the workforce strategy that meets their business needs and to provide practical guidance to move from concept to action.

Workforce planning is the hot HR topic. Strategic, tactical, operational … there are so many different definitions and flavors being touted across the HR profession. “But how can we keep ‘workforce planning’ from becoming the latest ‘flavor of the month?'” asked Mary Ann Downey, principal, of HR Metrics Coach. Cindy Lubitz, Managing Director of InTalent Consulting Group, believes the answer is by “partnering with practitioner experts with experience in workforce planning and not consultants with theory or software to sell.”

What sets this workshop apart from the rest? “That’s simple,” said Lubitz, “Our training is done by former practitioners – more specifically, we’ve been in our clients’ shoes. Our efforts are focused on advancing our peers, the HR professionals, rather than selling cookie-cutter techniques and presenting generic case studies. We take pride in understanding their real-life scenarios, enhancing their knowledge and building on their current skillsets, and ultimately, providing them with the right tools to resolve their specific corporate challenges.”

The HR Boot Camp(TM) is an intimate event, with a limit placed on the number of participating companies. In addition, the workshop is designed to encourage teams to attend from each company, maximizing the impact and building core capability within the organization, not just the individual. Registering at minimum a thought leader and an implementer from an organization will enable training results to be immediately applied back in the workplace.

Through real-world case examples and easy-to-use tools, participants will cover these six areas:

1. Determine Workforce Point Of View – Do we care about critical, pivotal or other types of roles?

2. Segment The Workforce – Which roles are vital for organizational success?

3. Create Internal Supply Profiles – How many current resources will be part of the organization in the future?

4. Create External Availability Profiles – Where will resources be available in the future?

5. Develop Future State Skills And Competency Models – What are the gaps and surpluses the organization will need/have?

6. Build Workforce Scenarios – What are the business implications of different workforce scenarios?

To learn more about the event or to register, please visit:

We have–as they say–walked a mile in your shoes. We are neither life-long consultants nor “new kids on the block.” We are seasoned HR executives who have decades of experience leading human resource functions in some of Americaʼs largest companies. We also know what it’s like to need a thought partner on a talent strategy or an extra set of hands to deliver a project.

Since 2006, inTalent Consulting Group has served Fortune 500 clients, delivering high-quality talent management solutions that are creative, practical, and have a measurable impact. We are proud that our track record has earned us a sterling reputation both as experts and peers.

The HR Metrics Coach mission is to use measurement applications and scientific methods to assist organizations in maximizing their human capital for the benefit of both the enterprise and the individuals.

Our ideal client is motivated by a desire to obtain a competitive advantage through its workforce. HR Metrics Coach provides thought leadership and can objectively assess organizational readiness for HR Analytics, Workforce Planning and Organizational Effectiveness. We serve as a trainer, teaching clients inside and outside of the HR function how to measure the business impact of the workforce and how to use people data to make better business decisions.

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