HR Open Standards Consortium Announces 4.1 HR-JSON Assessments and Recruiting Standards

HR Open Standards Consortium announces the candidate release of the 4.1 data exchange specifications. This release includes a JSON Assessments specification and JSON Recruiting specification.

HR Open is a member-driven not-for-profit organization that provides freely available data exchange standards for the Human Resource industry.

4.1 Assessments Specification (Candidate Release)

Assessments are performed throughout an employee’s entire life cycle, including recruiting, onboarding, performance management, and succession planning. The HR Open JSON Assessment specification allows facilitation of the assessment data between Onboarding, Recruiting, Performance Management, Learning Management, and other systems.

“In our highly fractured assessments industry, working with any provider involves integration challenges. HR Open standards help by creating a common language all parties can communicate with, thereby reducing implementation time and cost. They’ve certainly helped our customers integrate with us!” said David Steckbeck, Applications Architect, Birkman International, Inc.

A team of HR Open participants, including Birkman International, DDI, HRNX, and Chris Pauley developed the Assessment standard. This specification contains a catalog, order and report, to allow transactions for pre-hire assessments and employee development. The team continues to enhance the standards with additional use cases and features such as staging, scheduling, and list orders.

4.1 Recruiting Specification (Candidate Release)

HR Open Standards’ Recruiting allows the exchange of job and candidate related data between various actors and systems for the purpose of recruiting.

“The demand for specialized talent continues to outpace supply around the world, and there are many companies trying to solve this problem for their customers”, said Andrew Cunsolo, VP Product Development from Talemetry Inc. “Open integrations using data standards will enable the recruiting technology industry to solve these challenging problems as an ecosystem. The HR-JSON Recruiting 4.1 standard, which is free and open to all, will support this goal.”

The Recruiting specification was developed by participants from Arya Recruiting, HRNX, Insperity, Swedish Employment Agency, and WorkHere, with Andrew Cunsolo of Talemetry leading the project, and Sascha Juchem of Milch & Zucker as schema editor.

The Recruiting specification includes a Candidate schema, which defines information on the applicant or prospective employee or resource. Like a resume or CV, a Candidate document contains details about a person’s education and professional experience, as well as contact information. However, Candidate may include data that is not typically included on a Resume, such as candidacy (for specific positions), remuneration requirements and various position preferences.

The team continues to enhance the standards and is currently defining the Resume/CV and Position Opening.

The 4.1 schemas are candidate releases and have not been approved by the HR Open Standards Consortium membership. The specifications may change before the official approval and release. Please direct any comments about this candidate release to To participate in the ongoing projects, contact

About the HR Open Standards Consortium
Founded in 1999 as the HR-XML Consortium, HR Open Standards is dedicated to the development and promotion of common specifications that simplify human resources-related data exchanges.

By championing collaboration and innovation, HR Open Standards leads standards development projects to save HR professionals time and money by providing employers, government, software and service providers with free, flexible, and comprehensive global HR interoperability standards. Visit the HR Open Standards website for more information and to download their free suite of HR-XML and HR-JSON data exchange standards.

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