HR Open Standards Consortium Initiates Projects For 4.0 HR-JSON Screening And Interviewing Data Exchange Standards

DENVER, CO | JUNE 8, 2016–HR Open Standards Consortium has initiated two new standards development projects to expand its suite of HR-JSON data exchange standards to include a Screening specification and an Interviewing specification. These vanguard workgroups began in early 2016 on the heels of the consortium’s announcement of a 4.0 release to broaden its suite of HR data specifications to include XML and JSON. 
The expansion to include HR-JSON standards positions the consortium to continue anticipating industry trends for mobile technologies and platforms. HR Open Standards’ 4.0 suite also enables simpler implementations for adopters and trading partners through: a single namespace; simplified schemas; use of UNCEFACT Core Components; no extraneous data types (HR specific); and more consistency across XML and JSON schemas (extensions, attributes, and minimal nesting). 
Screening Workgroup 
Global trends reveal that companies are increasingly utilizing background screening to further inform hiring decisions, meet and maintain rigorous compliance standards, and ultimately ensure a safe work environment. While screening is primarily conducted as a pre-employment step, many industries and companies perform routine employee screening requiring ongoing and complex data exchanges between Applicant Tracking Systems (ATSs), Consumer Reporting Agencies (CRAs), and end user companies. 
“We’re honored to work alongside such an experienced group of HR Technology thought leaders and to bring our significant industry expertise to the Screening workgroup,” said Kelli Davis, VP of Integration Services at CastleBranch. 
“While HR Open’s XML Screening standard has been available for years, the market demand for JSON standards has been steadily increasing. Our workgroup is actively meeting that need through the collaborative development of a JSON Screening specification,” said Kelli. “This timely specification, both lightweight and extensible, will enhance integrations and further foster adoption. 
We’re not just developing a new standard; we’re innovating a better and more integrated future for the HR industry.” 
The 4.0 HR-JSON Screening specification will define data communications between end user companies, ATSs, and CRAs. Companies currently leading the 4.0 Screening specification development include Accurate Background, Applicant Insight, CARCO Group, CastleBranch, Checkr, HRNX, GIS, and Vertical Screen. 
Interviewing Workgroup 
Interviews, while an integral part of the talent acquisition process, can actually occur during the entire lifecycle of an employee or contractor. They are often held to determine a candidate’s skills throughout the hiring process, but also function as indispensable tools for manager/employee performance evaluations, organizational training and e-learning. Interviews are now delivered asynchronously, synchronously, online, face-to-face, and/or as multi-part interviews. Standardizing data exchanged between different systems during the variable interview process will improve system integrations and the overall candidate experience by increasing productivity and reducing data errors. 
“Interviewing effectiveness is a critical component for talent acquisition, with service providers managing millions of interviews each year,” said Greg Meyers, Vice President of Development for Montage. 
“Integration standards decrease our development expense and time to market with new integrations while increasing our client’s return on investment,” continued Meyers. “The decision to drive an interview integration specification is a strategic step for human resource data exchange and human resource systems integration.” 
The Interviewing workgroup’s first phase of development is focusing on the definition of data communications that occur between the interviewing tool, the ATS, and the candidate for the purpose of an asynchronous or on-demand interview. Companies currently leading the 4.0 Interviewing specification development include IQNavigator, HireVue, Montage Talent, and the Swedish Employment Agency. 
Opportunities to contribute to HR Open Standards’ Screening and Interviewing workgroups are still available. Contact Kim Bartkus at kim(at)hropenstandards(dot)org for more information. 
About the HR Open Standards Consortium 
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