HR Open Standards Consortium Launches Benefits Enrollment Project–Pioneers New Era in US Group Insurance Data Integrations

DENVER, CO | AUGUST 4, 2016–HR Open Standards Consortium has initiated a new standards development project expanding its suite of standards to include updated Benefits Enrollment and Indicative Data specifications. The JSON and XML specifications will encompass enrollment for tier-based coverage, rate-based coverage, and flexible spending accounts. The project scope also includes savings plan enrollment data and indicative data.
“This project comes at an important time as employers, benefits providers, and benefits administrators continue to negotiate the rising prevalence of voluntary benefits and the ongoing rollout of ACA provisions,” said Suneel Mendiratta, President of the HR Open Standards Consortium Board of Directors. “The collaborative energy is high amongst the project participants, and we anticipate a comprehensive and timely release.”
Companies currently leading the Benefits Enrollment JSON specification development include ADP, BenefitFocus, Betafits, The Hartford, Private Exchange Coalition (PEC), SS&C Technologies, The Standard, SunLife Financial, and Voya Financial. In a concerted effort to produce a standard that meets industry needs and prevent the development of duplicate standards in the same market space, HR Open is committed to transparency and partnerships with other standards organizations throughout the project.

“Developing a standard data exchange layout to support employee benefit enrollment and eligibility data for group insurers will help ensure that the industry continues to meet customer demands for simplicity. Once a standard layout is finalized, processing efficiencies and more personal customer service are possible,” said Karen Lindokken, solutions architect at The Standard. “The Standard has already seen the power of embracing other established data exchange standards and is excited about the potential that the HR Open Standards Consortium’s version 4 for Benefits Enrollment can offer to our policyholders.”

From its project methodology to its deployment model, HR Open Standards is committed to the development and open deployment of its suite of HR-XML and HR-JSON specifications. According to the consortium’s mission and bylaws, participation in development projects has historically been, and continues to be, open to all active members and partners.
Participation and partnership opportunities are still available for the HR Open Standards Benefits Enrollment project. Contact Kim Bartkus at kim(at)hropenstandards(dot)org to learn more. 
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