HR Open Standards Consortium Releases XML-based Schema

HR Open Standards Consortium announces the coordinated XML release of the 4.1 data exchange specifications. This release allows HR Open Standards to further promote integration with technology practitioners and facilitate simpler implementations for adopters and trading partners.

“The HR Open Standards Consortium has been developing XML-based schemas since the early 2000’s with deep adoptions in many areas of HR. With each major release, the Consortium is responding to the changing industry and needs of the partners to ensure that the standards continue to evolve.” says Andrew Cunsolo from Talemetry

As the HR Open Consortium defines and promotes integration vocabularies, the release of XML alongside JSON continues to support the Consortium’s policies of free open tools and standards. Andrew Cunsolo continues, “the HR-XML 4.1 standards are another significant step towards supporting adoption and integration with technology partners, and we are excited for the continued support and participation in the HR-XML standards evolution.”

The HR-XML and HR-JSON 4.1 release includes schema, samples, and documentation for the Assessments, Benefits, Compensation, Interviewing, Recruiting, Screening, Timecard, and Wellness industries. All of the standards may be downloaded and the documentation viewed online at To learn about all of our standards and to download free suites of HR-XML and HR-JSON data exchange standards please visit the HR Open Standards website.

About the HR Open Standards Consortium

Founded in 1999 as the HR-XMLConsortium, HR Open Standards is dedicated to the development and promotion of common specifications that simplify human resources-related data exchanges. Our standards are free, current global HR vocabularies developed in a transparent, collaborative, consensus-based environment open to all HR professionals and organizations.