HR & Recruiting Industry Leaders to Meetup During Social Siesta During SXSW 2014

73% of companies planned to increase their investment in social recruiting as of 2013.

The social recruiting landscape has drastically changed over the past 5 years. No longer is it an option for recruiters and employers to stay away from social media. Job Seekers are constantly paying attention to the social media profiles of potential employers to gain insight on overall company culture. Human Resource professionals are continually increasing in numbers at conferences like SXSW where social media & content are a primary focus of the interactive portion. Blogging4Jobs is hosting a cocktail mixer, open bar, on March 8, 2014 in Austin, Texas.

Social Siesta, a meetup for HR & Recruiting industry leaders is in it’s fifth year and is scheduled for March 8, 2014 from 1:00 – 3:00 PM at La Condesa restaurant in downtown Austin, TX. The even tis not affiliated or sponsored by SXSW and interested parties can register or learn more by visiting the blog. We’re excited to announce our two sponsors ExtendMyStaff, previous sponsor of Social Siesta, and RevolutionHR. Both of these companies play vital roles in the HR community. You can learn more about these companies by visiting, and

“Social recruiting can no longer be ignored. Social Siesta was created five years ago in the hopes of connecting HR professionals who attended SXSWi in hopes that meaningful conversations and actions would take place during this two hour event. There are few programs during SXSWi that involve the Career & Workplace mindset this year and we wanted to create an atmosphere where long-lasting relationships could be made in the HR industry,” says Jessica Miller-Merrell, founder of Blogging4Jobs.

In addition to our Social Siesta party, Blogging4Jobs will be covering the conference by live tweeting sessions and blogging over various topics delivered during the interactive part of South by Southwest. Interested parties can follow the tweets of @blogging4jobs and @rblake during the week.

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