HR Technology Advisors Launches Consumer Direct Service Technology Platform for Benefits Brokerage Firms

Wrentham, MA, January 15, 2013 – HR Technology Advisors (HRT) launched a new technology platform for employee benefits brokers enabling them to easily extend their service capabilities directly to employees. The solution integrates HRT’s market leading Benefit Brokers Advantage agency management system built on the Microsoft CRM platform with online enrollments systems, telephone, Skype, online chat, and online meeting applications. Benefits brokers can now easily establish call center capabilities to directly assist employees in making employee benefit decisions.

“Health Care Reform is changing the way employees are going to purchase health insurance and benefits in general thus changing the way benefits brokers advise and service their clients, ” says Joe Markland, President of HR Technology Advisors. “Most brokers have been advising primarily at the employer level. To provide advice to the employees, brokers will need to utilize technology and tools to deliver the service more efficiently.”

The new solution will allow benefits brokers to track phone calls and save the conversations to an employee file, chat with employees during the enrollment process and save the text, automate responses to the employee, survey employees through the system after the call, and report to the employer all activities. An online portal for the employer is also available to see activity in real-time.

System demonstrations introducing the product are being conducted through the month of January. The schedule can be found on the HRT website at

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