HR Unlimited, Inc. Announces Diversity & Compliance Specialist Certification Program for Affirmative Action/EEO and Diversity Officers

LOS ANGELES, CA, March 7, 2013 – HR Unlimited launches Diversity & Compliance Specialist Certification training. “We’re responding to a need for businesses to embrace the revenue-positive influence of corporate diversity while maintaining an internal expert on government compliance, especially for Affirmative Action and equal opportunity,” said Ahmed Younies, HR Unlimited’s CEO.

According to a study by the American Association for Affirmative Action, over 50% of companies believe that the work of the EEO/AAP officer and the Diversity Officer are different tasks. In truth, the same metrics are used for both areas to determine diversity levels and to form goals that are then implemented through training, recruitment, and career development programs. The differences are the result of perception: Compliance work is “required”, and therefore treated as a headache; while Diversity is considered “voluntary” and business-positive, therefore treated as strategic.

The core curriculum focuses primarily on fulfilling the requirements of compliance through the work of improving business revenues and productivity. In addition, HR Unlimited’s D&CS certification provides a source of professional leadership development for individual human resource professionals. As more companies of all sizes realize the benefits of building and maintaining diversity programs, HR professionals who’ve undergone management training and certification in this area are in increasing demand.

Simultaneously, HR Unlimited is announcing the rebranding of its training services as “HRU”, and will continue to offer many core D&CS programs under this banner, as well as access to training provided by partner organizations.

HR Unlimited, Inc. provides consultation, implementation, and training services for companies to fulfill Affirmative Action requirements with productivity- and revenue-boosting Diversity practices. HR Unlimited is located in Santa Ana, CA, and operates nationwide, providing AAP services and training to Fortune 500s as well as small and mid-sized companies.

Ahmed Younies
HR Unlimited, Inc.

John Robinson
Sr. Business Development/Marketing Manager
HR Unlimited, Inc.

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