HR-XML Expands Training Opportunities with Online Video Modules Video makes learning easy

The HR-XML Consortium is helping the industry learn about HR interoperability standards and providing guidance on implementation by streaming short video courses on a variety of topics.

Currently there are six courses, which run for 20 to 25 minutes,

– XML Basics
– HR-XML Common Components
– OAGIS Business Documents
– HR-XML Recruiting Specification
– HR-XML Assessments Specification
– HR-XML Screening Vendor Specification

More learning videos will be available soon. Participants can purchase courses through the online store. HR-XML members receive a discount for all of the HR-XML course videos, and premier members receive unlimited complimentary online training.

“We require all of our developers to take each HR-XML video course. The result is that our developers have a much better understanding of the recruiting industry as well as a clear understanding of HR-XML. When it comes to data, everyone is on the same page and we aren’t having meetings about what to name fields anymore.” — Mike Seidle, Director of Development, DirectEmployers Association.

HR-XML Consortium is the only independent, non-profit, volunteer-led organization dedicated to the development and promotion of HR data interoperability. HR-XML standards constitute a broadly adopted framework for integrating a wide range of platforms and applications throughout the HR technology ecosystem. For more information, visit