HRAnswerLink Makes HR Affordable for Small and Mid-sized Businesses with Launch of

Site offers on-demand HR assistance, handbook center and more

Pleasanton, CA — September 14, 2011 — HRAnswerLink, the premier provider of on-demand human resource compliance to over 44,000 small and mid-sized businesses, now offers its critical HR services directly to such organizations for a monthly fee as low as the price of an iTunes album with the launch of

Smaller businesses face many challenges, ranging from managing growth and profitability to overseeing internal compliance for employees, all with limited resources. An HR professional simply may not fit the budget, leaving untrained administrative staff to manage complex human resource issues. Without dedicated HR staff, many companies struggle to ensure they adequately protect themselves and their employees. acts as an outsourced HR Department for businesses that are too small for or cannot afford a dedicated human resources professional to manage their HR function. offers a full range of HR tools and services:

-HR Support Center: gathers the resources, tools, legal information, tips and training that all businesses need in order to effectively manage their employees in one easy-to-use, award-winning program.

  • Labor Law Posters: provides the legally required state and federal compliance posters on a subscription basis.

-Employee Assistance Program: provides advice, support and practical solutions to real-life issues, such as family problems or anger management, for one to 100 employees.

-HR Information System: a customized HRIS that ensures timely, accurate and consolidated employee information, which increases productivity, decreases mistakes in administration and provides key employee information immediately.

-Handbook Center: an up-to-date, state- and federal-compliant employee handbook customized to individual businesses’ exact needs, to protect from legal liability while effectively communicating expectations to employees. offers several bundled packages so that customers can select the services that best meet their needs while enjoying additional savings. One such bundle is HR Support Center with HR On-Demand, which provides access to unlimited phone or Internet help from a network of seasoned HR professionals. Service plans start at $9.95/month.

“In order for businesses to focus on their core business and thrive, they need the behind-the-scenes experts to run their people processes,” said Dennis Abraham, president and chief executive officer of HRAnswerLink. “Small and mid-sized businesses have historically struggled to remain compliant and efficient, which is why we created the tools and services available at It’s a comprehensive resource that offers HR expertise so that these businesses can get back to their area of expertise.”

About HRAnswerLink
HRAnswerLink is the premier provider of Web-based human resource products and services. They allow small and mid-sized business to utilize and resell branded services and products once only available to Fortune 500 companies. Based in Pleasanton, California, with offices in Oregon and Kentucky, HRAnswerLink services affiliates and end-users throughout the United States. More information on HRAnswerLink can be found at or by calling 877.882.2237.

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