HRmarketer Adds Gamification to Popular Advocacy Software

Aptos, CA – September 20, 2018 – HRmarketer, a marketing and employee advocacy SaaS platform for the human resources and recruiting industry, today announced that it has added gamification to its popular Advocacy Software.

Gamification (adding gaming concepts such as scoring points, earning rewards, and chalking up wins and losses) has helped hundreds of companies create greater brand engagement and more effective marketing initiatives. In the case of HRmarketer’s Advocacy Software, four new customizable gamification features incentivize advocates to share content frequently with their personal and professional networks–a necessity for brand and employee advocacy programs to succeed.

“Gamification has proven to be one of the most effective ways to motivate people to engage with brands, products and marketing campaigns across industries of every kind,” said Mark Willaman, founder and President of HRmarketer. “That’s why we’ve brought it to our Advocacy Software. We’re making it as easy and effective as possible for our clients to leverage the power of their brand advocates–both inside and outside of the company.”

The four new customizable gamification features–which give clients control over how they reward brand advocates’ activities–are:

1. Points Awarded for Sharing: Clients determine the number of points that advocates earn for sharing content on various social channels. This allows clients to reward the specific sharing behaviors that are most important to them. For example, to encourage advocates to share content on a specific social platform (e.g., LinkedIn), the administrator can increase the points awarded for that particular channel.

2. Points Awarded for Engagement: Clients determine the number of points advocates earn for actual engagement (e.g., clicks) of their posts.

3. Point Caps: Clients can place caps on points earned for sharing and engagement. This helps equalize the competition among advocates whose social networks vary in size, and it discourages spammy behavior that might work against a brand.

4. Group Goals: Clients can set a specific number of total points to be earned by all of its advocates during a given campaign or contest. When activated, this feature allows all advocates to view the progress of the points as they are awarded, which encourages advocates to get involved early and share content before all of the points are awarded.

HRmarketer’s Advocacy Software enables a company’s brand advocates to easily share a wide range of relevant content (articles, blog posts, videos, job openings, etc.) with their networks. This, in turn, builds awareness, support and engagement for their brands in the marketplace. The Software also provides clients with detailed metrics on the effectiveness of each advocate’s posts and shares.

“There’s no limit to the number of advocate groups or contests that a company can create with our Advocacy Software,” said Willaman. “And we don’t require a ‘contest’ to be created in order to gamify your advocates’ activity. Administrators can create default points that accumulate over time–separate from contests–to encourage specific content sharing behaviors.”

About HRmarketer
HRmarketer is a provider of marketing and advocacy software that helps employers and HR and recruiting service providers increase the engagement with their key messages and the visibility of their brands. Its suite of products for achieving these business outcomes include Advocacy, a platform for leveraging employees and brand supporters in social media efforts; Insight, social media, influencer marketing and industry intelligence software; and Research, listings of marketing resources and opportunities in the HR marketplace.