HRmarketer Launches HR Influencer Marketing Channel

Aptos, CA – Aug 6, 2018 – HRmarketer, a leading marketing and employee advocacy platform for the human resources and recruiting industry, today announced that it is launching the HR Influencer Marketing Channel, a vehicle for organizations to have renowned HR influencers share their original content on social media, amplifying their visibility.

Currently, the Channel includes 12 HR influencers, including, in alphabetical order, Sabrina Baker, Dawn Hrdlica-Burke, Chris Havrilla, Katrina Kibben, Jason Lauritsen, Sharlyn Lauby, Jennifer McClure, Trish Mcfarlane, Jennifer Payne, Tim Sackett, Robin Schooling and Jon Thurmond. HRmarketer will be actively growing the number of participating influencers over the coming months.

“We carefully selected the participating influencers for their micro-influence–which is based not on just on the size of their social networks, but also the high engagement they achieve from HR audiences and the trust their followers have in them,” said Mark Willaman, founder and president of HRmarketer.

“There’s a reason micro-influencers have been called ‘the marketing force of the future.’ For HR brands to achieve the best possible ROI on social campaigns, they need to use HR micro-influencers to increase reach, engagement and clicks on their content.”

HR solution providers pay a nominal annual membership fee to join the HR Influencer Marketing Channel. Membership enables them to publish two original content pieces per month–reviewed and approved by the Channel’s editorial board–to the HR Influencer Marketing Channel Advocacy Group. Once content is published, the influencers have the option to share the content with their social networks via Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook for a small fee.

The HR Influencer Marketing Channel is powered by HRmarketer’s Advocacy Software, which companies use to enable their brand advocates to share a wide range of relevant content with their personal networks. The software provides participating companies HR solution providers and employer branding teams with detailed metrics on the effectiveness of each influencer’s content shares, which gives them valuable information for determining which influencers are a good fit for expanded relationships.

“Because the HR marketplace is complex, diverse and fragmented, it’s difficult for HR solution providers to navigate the influencer marketplace,” Willaman said. “Our HR Influencer Marketing Channel offers HR solution providers a simple, cost-effective way to access these influencers and tap into their social networks.”

“Most companies in our industry, especially start-ups, have no idea who the influencers are, how to reach them and how to find a cost-effective way to determine if they are right for effective partnerships,” stated Tim Sackett, president of HRU Technical Resources and noted HR influencer. “The HR Influencer Marketing Channel helps solve those problems.”

HR marketplace influencers and HR solution providers interested in learning more about the benefits of joining the HR Influencer Marketing Channel should contact Rhonda Taylor at Rtaylor [at] or call Rhonda at 361-695-0955 or visit HRmarketer.

About HRmarketer
HRmarketer is a provider of marketing and advocacy software that helps employers and HR and recruiting service providers increase the engagement with their key messages and the visibility of their brands. Its suite of products for achieving these business outcomes include Advocacy, a platform for leveraging employees and brand supporters in social media efforts; Insight, social media, influencer marketing and industry intelligence software; and Research, listings of marketing resources and opportunities in the HR marketplace.

About HR Influencer Marketing Channel
Powered by HRmarketer Advocacy Software, the HR Influencer Marketing Channel is a community of influencers and solution providers from the HR marketplace who publish, share and promote original content. The HR Influencer Marketing Channel offers HR solution providers a cost-effective way to tap into the influencer’s social networks to maximize the visibility of their content and news.