(OTTAWA, ON, July 23, 2018) HRSG is renowned for perpetually innovating and redefining the world of work. In keeping with our reputation, HRSG now proudly announces the arrival of the HRSG Marketplace with our world-leading Job Description Builder CompetencyCore(TM) software, the perfect solution to the tedious and complex procedure of creating and maintaining job descriptions.

Sign up at https://marketplace.hrsg.ca to create your personal CompetencyCore(TM) Job Description Builder site, and, for a limited time, access our full set of 90 expertly developed job descriptions that include Education, Job Responsibilities, Certification & Knowledge for the most common corporate jobs. Leverage unparalleled, industry-leading job descriptions that represent the most current trends, strategically crafted from hundreds of industry experts, consultants and sources.

Lorraine McKay, CMO, HRSG, explains,

“HRSG recognizes that creation and maintenance of job description is a major pain point for most organizations. We solve this problem by providing quality content and tools to create and continually update job descriptions. Our approach provides easy building blocks for engaging employees in managing their careers.”

About HRSG

For 30 years, HRSG has defined the world of work and is a market-leader in the field of job description and competency-driven Career Management. We have helped countless clients implement job descriptions and competencies by defining their talent needs, addressing skill deficiencies, and improving individual and overall organizational performance.

Together, our industry-leading team of senior consultants, industrial-organizational psychologists, and subject-matter experts develop and deploy sustainable job and competency content and strategy for small and mid-sized companies, Fortune 500s, and the public sector.