HRsmart and VMN+ Partner to expand IT Offerings

Partnership to provide complete IT Outsourcing capability

March 29, 2011 – USA and Argentina – HRsmart International opened a new division via a new venture with VMN+, headquartered in Argentina. The partnership will provide companies a professional and high quality choice in the international IT outsourcing market.

With a track record spanning all around the globe, profound expertise, and over two hundred employees, VMN+’s offerings will complement HRsmart’s long experience dealing with multi-cultural, geographically diversified teams, and proven success worldwide. With over thirty combined years of experience in the IT and HR technology industries, HRsmart and VMN+ will expand their offerings to provide more companies with access to world class IT solutions, talent, and skill.

“The goal of aiding clients in reducing their costs and improving productivity through IT outsourcing is the vision of this partnership,” said Paul Fonolla, President of HRsmart. “With the combined experiences of HRsmart and VMN+, we are providing an unmatched level of IT outsourcing to more companies in North America.”

VMN+’s area of expertise includes highly professional Agile Software Development, IT professional services, consulting, specific customization, project management, design, architecture, and framework.

“The strategic partnership with HRsmart will provide VMN+ the opportunity to expand its IT offerings in the North American market,” said Juan Pablo Villa, Director of VMN+. “HRsmart is a trusted and valued leader that has proven success with over 1,000 clients worldwide. We look forward to the combined partnership and providing companies with the highest quality and affordable IT outsourcing.”

About HRsmart:

HRsmart’s Unified, SaaS Talent Management Solution allows companies of any size to automate and optimize all talent management functions from one secure, reliable, and fast online solution. Going beyond integrated, HRsmart Unified technology includes applicant tracking, performance management, learning management, career development and succession planning on one platform.

Take advantage of the single sign-on, cross-module reporting and have the convenience of storing and managing all employee information in one place. HRsmart is headquartered in Richardson, Texas with operations in the United States, Europe, Canada, Latin America, South Africa, Asia and the Middle East. Learn more at

About VMN+

VMN+ was set up in 1997 and from the beginning aimed at providing consulting, software development, outsourcingm process integration, and software development services. VMN+’s credintials are based on its success of completing over 200 complex projects with more than ten million lines of code written. Learn more at