HRsmart Announces Its Enterprise Version 12.0: Offers Support For Hourly Recruiting and Enhanced Performance Management

RICHARDSON, TX – October 9, 2012 – HRsmart, a leading provider of global unified talent management solutions, officially announces its Enterprise version 12.0 of their HRsmart Unified Architecture (HUA) software platform. The newest version of the HUA platform incorporates impressive feature additions and improvements for users, including mobile access, support for hourly recruiting, enhanced performance management, and onboarding enhancements to streamline the talent management process.

“The innovations in Version 12.0 will set a new standard in Talent Management, particularly for the hourly recruiting market place”, said Hanny Shehadeh, Chief Product Officer at HRsmart. “Organizations no longer have to choose two providers to execute their talent acquisition strategies for corporate and hourly hiring”, he added. “Version 12.0 empowers organizations to optimize their processes across the entire recruitment life cycle with crisp branding, deeply embedded integrations, and highly intelligent end-user experiences”.

Key features and enhancements to HRsmart’s Pre-Hire Modules include:

* Support for Hourly Recruiting: This release includes recruiting needs specifically for the Hourly market, i.e. retail, hospitality, etc
* Onboarding Enhancements: Onboarding Widgets, Shortened Onboarding Process, Bundle Enhancements and more
* Advanced Assessment and Screening Provider Integration: Deeper integration with candidate assessment and screening providers makes the application process smooth, quick and easy.
* Support for WOTC: Work Opportunity Tax Credits
* I-9 Form Completion: Allow the recruiting user to complete Sections 2 or 3 of the Form I‐9 and electronically sign the document.
* E-Verify Integration: This feature incorporates the E-Verify® employee verification process into the onboarding of a new hire.
* Work Schedule Availability: Allow the client to designate their Shift Schedule by
* Workflow Triggers: These enhancements will allow for the creation of automated actions and to set conditions when they would take place based off criteria specified by the user in the Recruiting Workflows. Automated actions can include sending a letter to a candidate and/or hiring manager when a certain status is reached, sending a reminder to complete an action, change the candidate’s status when a specific action takes place, and much more.

Key features and enhancements to HRsmart’s Post- Hire Modules include:
* New User Interface for Performance Management: Allow administrators to configure order of categories, content and more.
* Goal Library: Administrators can create a library of goals organized into categories. These can be added by the administrator to the performance workflow or employees & managers can select from the library to add to the appraisal.
* Bulk Launch and/or Schedule Launch of Performance Appraisals: Administrators can launch appraisals for the entire organization or select segments (such as a location or org unit). The launch can be immediate or scheduled for future dates.
* Multi-phase Scoring in Appraisals: Capture scores in multiple phases and configure the weighting of the scores.
* Learning Management – Remote Roster Cap: Administrators can set separate enrollment caps for on-site vs. remote learners.
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