HRToolbox Offers Complete Toolbox Solutions to Manage Expatriate Workforces of All Sizes

ATLANTA — June 25, 2012— HRToolbox, a global provider of expatriate management tools, today announced a series of affordable new tools — Professional Toolbox™, Total Toolbox™ and Enterprise Toolbox™ — to more efficiently meet the challenges of managing a global workforce. These easy-to-use tools can replace the cumbersome spreadsheets used by many in Global HR and solve common assignment management issues such as global payroll accumulation and compensation and workflow management. Companies can choose the best Toolbox solution for the size and needs of its expatriate population.

“Our goal is to provide the tools that HR professionals need to properly manage a global workforce,” said Thomas Shelton, president of HRToolbox. “We offer a variety of tools that meet the needs, as well as the budgets, of small companies with just a few global employees to much larger corporations managing thousands of global employees. Spreadsheets have historically been used to manage small programs and we’re launching these new tools to change that.”

“With HRToolbox, balance sheet calculation went from taking several weeks to a number of days,” said Joe Crumly, the director of international employee relations at ABS, a leading marine and offshore classification society. “As our expatriate population grew, HRToolbox allowed us to effectively streamline the process and accommodate our rapid growth.”

Tools at a Glance:
•Demographic and Assignment Management
An easy-to-use, centralized database for tracking your expatriate demographic and assignment data, accessible from any Internet-enabled device.

•Compensation Management
Create company compensation templates and employee balance sheets with direct access to your company’s data tables or those from a compensation data provider.

•Global Payroll Accumulation
Save time during each payroll cycle and automate common activities like payment extracts and recurring payments. You can easily create informative reports for tax purposes and company management.

•Calendar and Tax Organizer
Employees can log in to a Web-based calendar and track travel days in various countries related to their assignment travel.

•Advanced Reporting
Create and maintain custom reports that include any field within the database, various employee populations, and set other meaningful report criteria.

•Document Storage
Upload and store employee demographic, assignment and even compensation documents to a single, secure, always up-to-date global HR database.

•Field Customization
Customize your database to track exactly the data needed by creating additional fields on many screens throughout HRToolbox.

•Role-Based User Access
Create customized menu sets to include any screen for user access around the world.

•Employee Self-Service Access
Give employees access to any screen so that they can view and help manage their demographic and assignment data.

•Assignment Cost Projections
Accurately and quickly predict employee costs around the globe. Easily estimate the tax implications of your international assignments with tax details for 75+ countries updated at least annually.

Pricing and Availability
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About HRToolbox
Founded in August of 1998, Atlanta-based HRToolbox, Inc. was established to address the never-ending demands of global organizations and to provide Web-based technology in HR departments. The concept behind the name was to provide a suite of integrated, best-of-breed global HRIS solutions, or “tools,” to help companies more efficiently manage a growing global workforce. By using the Internet as an enabling technology, HRToolbox has developed a toolset that allows international human resource professionals to more efficiently manage growing expatriate and global populations. For more information visit,