iCIMS Launches 12.1 Release; Offers iPad Access and Refreshed Interface

MATAWAN, N.J. (July 26, 2012) — iCIMS, a leading provider of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) talent acquisition software solutions for growing businesses, announced today that the latest version of the platform — 12.1 — is now available. The current iCIMS release features impressive enrichments and additions for users, such as iPad access, improved graphical user interface (GUI), powerful web services, and enhanced search capabilities to streamline the talent acquisition process.

With this release, iCIMS has focused on redefining the core of the Talent Platform, while adapting with the social and mobile talent revolution. Highly anticipated, users can now use Recruit and Onboard on the go, with full iPad access. Beta customers also cited improved usability via new searching, reporting, and upgraded user interface components. The Platform’s search engine has been made more user-friendly, while adding new relational filters as well as AND/OR search logic, which allows for more robust searches to compare data quickly and effectively. From a user experience perspective, the overall platform interface has been refreshed to allow for easier navigation and usability. The 12.1 release also includes integration improvements for job posting, providing organizations with greater options when selecting job board vendors. Furthermore, integrations with assessment providers have also been upgraded, allowing for automatic triggers and a seamless application process for candidates.

With the 12.1 Release users are now armed with improvements that are critical to today’s — and tomorrow’s — talent acquisition processes. When paired with iCIMS Social Recruit, users are able to harness the full power of social media and optimize their functionality by posting jobs on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and over 300 other social media environments. With iCIMS Social Resume and Social Apply functionality, candidates can also apply to positions quickly and easily by using their LinkedIn or Facebook profile data.

“Functionality has always been a crucial factor in the foundation of the iCIMS Talent Platform and the 12.1 Release was focused on strategically enhancing the most critical elements for talent acquisition, while also providing new cutting-edge features that clients will value,” said iCIMS’ Chief Technology Officer, Paul Melici. “This release has not only equipped customers with the necessary tools for current talent acquisition strategies, but has also taken a forward-looking perspective by providing users with upgrades that will be core in the social and mobile talent revolution of tomorrow,” Melici concluded.

About iCIMS, Inc.:

iCIMS, a leading provider of innovative Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) talent acquisition solutions, is an Inc. 500 and Software Satisfaction honoree focused on solving corporate business issues through the implementation of easy-to-use, scalable solutions that are backed by award-winning customer service. iCIMS’ Talent Platform, the industry’s premier candidate management solution, enables organizations to manage their entire talent acquisition lifecycle from sourcing, to recruiting, to onboarding all within a single web-based application. With more than 1,200 clients worldwide, iCIMS is one of the largest and fastest-growing talent acquisition system providers with offices in North America, UK, and China. To learn more about how iCIMS can help your organization, visit http://www.icims.com or view a free online demo of the iCIMS Talent Platform.

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