The International Association for Human Resource Information Management (IHRIM), the world’s leading clearinghouse for the HRIM (Human Resource Information Management) industry, today announced its 2013 summer series of live webinars for HR and HR Technology professionals scheduled from July through August. The one-hour sessions will focus on a wide range of topics, from Metrics/Analytics to SaaS and represent hot topics from the IHRIM 2013 Conference & Technology Expo recently held in Orlando, FL.

“IHRIM’s Sizzling Summer Webinar Series will once again address the biggest trends and hot topics in HR Technology,” said Lynne Mealy, CEO of IHRIM. “We have an exciting lineup of topics and speakers, whether you are an experienced HRIS professional or new to the industry, our Summer Series has something truly beneficial for you.”

The schedule for the Sizzling Summer Webinar Series is:

SaaS in the Trenches – Real World Pros and Cons
July 23, 2013 (12 p.m. — 1 p.m. EDT)
SaaS, Software as a Service, has been the hot trend for the last few years, but conceptually has been around for many years. Vendors in all spaces are spending a great amount of time, effort, and money trying to convince companies and HRIS practitioners that SaaS is easier and cheaper to implement and maintain. Seem too good to be true? Come hear from two HRIS practitioners about their firsthand experiences implementing several SaaS systems including some of the challenges you need to be aware of when considering a SaaS solution.

Joe Almodovar, Senior Director of Global HRIS & Payroll, A.T. Kearney
Jeanne Kalinowski (HRIP), HRIS Director, Hyatt Hotels Corp

Caveat Emptor – Raising Your HR Technology Market IQ
July 31, 2013 (12 p.m. — 1 p.m. EDT)
The HRIS technology market has been extremely active for the past decade – and often very confusing to industry practitioners. It’s also a constant challenge to keep up with market developments while also doing your job since there are not 48 hours in a day. This webinar provides a market overview, a broad look at what has happened in the last year, what is happening now and what some of the newer tech developments are that have HRIS market impact. If you need a comprehensive dose of HR tech market activity, this session will be your one-stop shopping solution!

Freddye Silverman (HRIP), Vice President, Jeitosa Group International

Creating HR Fireworks – When Efficiency and Employee Experience Collide
August 7, 2013 (12 p.m. — 1 p.m. EDT)
Process efficiency has been a priority for HR, particularly during challenging economic times. But efficiency by itself will not deliver long-term success. Companies must also consider the employee experience. Deb Maher and Gary Givan will share how DeVry Inc.’s strategic adoption of HR technologies that deliver improved processes on the front end while driving efficiency on the back has transformed the employee experience, enabled them to get more from their existing HR systems and ultimately provided a new service delivery method. Learn how the latest social technologies can be infused into traditional HR scenarios to take the employee experience to the next level.

Gary Givan, Vice President of Sales, cfactor Works
Deb Maher, Senior Director of HRIS and Shared Services, DeVry Inc.

Untangling Metrics – How Citrix Used Design Thinking
August 14, 2013 (12 p.m. — 1 p.m. EDT)
On the journey to find the right metrics/analytics, Citrix discovered that it is not an HRIS activity; it requires understanding of the user’s needs, how to prototype, and gain acceptance. They applied Design Thinking processes to turn the metrics experience 180 degrees and get great acceptance from HR and managers. Rich Berger and Keith Erickson will demo the methodology and share the outcomes.

Rich Berger (HRIP, SPHR), Group Director, Global HRIS & Metrics, Citrix
Keith Erickson, Senior Manager, HR Metrics and Analytics, Citrix

“The Sizzling Summer Webinar Series is aimed at providing educational opportunities for professional advancement in the HRIS / HRIT industry,” said Michelle Czosek, Manager of Education and Special Programs for IHRIM. “And since these webinars have been approved for 1 HRIP Recertification Credit Hour as well as met the HR Certification Institute’s criteria to be pre-approved for recertification credit, there’s even more reason to attend!”

All webinars in this series are free to IHRIM members, while non-members may attend for a nominal fee. For more information, visit

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