Impact Achievement Group Releases New, Comprehensive e-Book Offering Best Practices in Performance Management Processes

SEATTLE—Jan. 24, 2012—Impact Achievement Group has released an e-book to help organizations create performance management processes that free leaders from harmful myths and increase morale, engagement and retention.

The e-book, “Best Practices for Creating a Performance-Driven Culture,” contains sound advice based on years of on-the-ground experience coupled with current, proprietary research findings. The e-book’s content was written by experts in management, leadership development and predictive assessments. 

The e-book covers an array of performance management and leadership development topics, including:

–    How to trade in the standard performance review form for more meaningful performance management.
–    Why employee engagement and satisfaction surveys may do more harm than good.
–    How leaders can harness the power of story to create their organization’s culture and model it on a daily basis.
–    The myth that a happy employee is an engaged, retained, productive employee.

“How an organization handles performance management can spell the difference between success and failure,” said Lee Klepinger, president and chief executive officer of Impact Achievement Group. “The value proposition for employees is the same as that for customers: the experience. Organizations need to understand what engages and motivates employees today, and it’s no longer reduced to the benefits package. It’s about well-informed leaders authentically and expertly managing employees’ performance.”

Authors and experts Rick Tate and Julie White, Ph.D., senior managing partners at Impact Achievement Group, and Dan Harrison, Ph.D. of Harrison Assessments International, have contributed to the series of articles contained in this e-book. Tate and White, senior managing partners of Impact Achievement Group, are internationally recognized experts in management and leadership development and a variety of other business topics. Tate is a best-selling author whose acclaimed training programs have been translated into a dozen languages and distributed all over the world. White is the author of five best-selling audio and video programs, including the national best seller, “Image and Self Projection.” Together, Tate and White wrote the best selling management book, “People Leave Managers … Not Organizations.”

The complimentary e-book is available for download at

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Impact Achievement Group is a training and performance management consulting company that provides assessments, coaching, story-based interactive workshops, and simulations for managers at all levels of organizations worldwide. Impact Achievement Group helps companies dramatically improve management and leadership competency for bottom-line results. Company experts Rick Tate and Julie White, Ph.D. are internationally recognized authorities in leadership development, human performance, customer-focused business strategies and workplace communications.

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