InfoMart Launches Solution Giving Job Seekers Control of Their Background Check Information

Chicago, IL., (June 19, 2018) InfoMart, global identity and background screening company, launched today a self-sovereign platform that places ownership of background check data into the hands of the job candidate. InfoMart is the first background check company to allow job seekers to own and control their background check information. With this platform, candidates select the employers who can have access to their information and choose the data they want to release.

Low unemployment creates an environment where speed to hire is a competitive advantage. Now, employers will have quicker access to job applicants’ information. “In a world quickly evolving to give consumers increased control of their personal information–including the European Union’s recently enacted General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), this platform serves as a confidence boosting solution for consumers,” says Marco Piovesan, InfoMart’s CEO. “We wanted to grant applicants control of the process while still satisfying the stringent requirements of the hiring companies. We have created trust between all parties.”

Historically, job applicants have no control over their data except for a signed consent document giving potential employers approval to conduct a background check. InfoMart’s self-sovereign platform is an unconventional approach, granting job candidates control over the background check process and report.

Employers direct candidates to the InfoMart portal, where the job seekers enter their personal identifying information, employment history, and education history, either entering it by hand or utilizing InfoMart’s biometric identity application. Once InfoMart completes the background check, the results are returned to the job candidate, who certifies the accuracy and then chooses which hiring companies receive access to the results via a data-sharing platform.

This innovation will be particularly beneficial to the sharing economy and the increasing popularity of gig employment. Consumers want more control of their data, and InfoMart is answering that call. From a smartphone anywhere in the world, an applicant can initiate a background check process that grants them control of their data.

“InfoMart initially launched this solution in the healthcare market with a platform for students and interns, and it has received rave reviews from both applicants and hiring companies–in this case, hospitals and healthcare companies,” explains Tim Gordon, InfoMart’s Senior Vice President. “When adopting this to the background screening industry, we kept the definition of ‘self-sovereign identity’ in mind, which is the control of identity attributes.”

This self-sovereign initiative is in line with InfoMart’s strategy to modernize the global identity and background screening industry. Preceding this launch, InfoMart was first-to-market with ASAP ID, a mobile ID document authentication and biometric application that utilizes artificial intelligence and a deep learning architecture of convolutional neural networks. Their forward-thinking innovations are supported by an industry-leading RESTful API, developed for easy integration with multiple platforms.

“InfoMart’s newest solution puts the power of data into the hands of the job candidate,” says Tammy Cohen, InfoMart’s Founder and Chief Visionary Officer. “Now, everyone can own and control their background check information.”

For more information on InfoMart’s self-sovereign screening solution or to arrange an interview, please contact Tawanda Carlton at or (678) 367-0043.

About InfoMart
InfoMart has been revolutionizing the global background and identity screening industry for over 28 years, providing businesses the information they need to make informed hiring decisions. They develop innovative technology that modernizes talent onboarding, including a first-to-market biometric identity authentication application and a verified sanctions search. The WBENC-certified company is a founding member of the National Association of Professional Background Screeners, and they have achieved NAPBS accreditation in recognition of their consistent business practices and commitment to compliance with the FCRA. The company is dedicated to customer service, speed, and accuracy, and it has been recognized for its success, workplace culture, and corporate citizenship with over 40 industry awards. To Get the Whole Story on InfoMart, please visit, follow @InfoMartUSA, or call (770) 984-2727.