InfoMart Preemptively Discontinues Salary Verification as Pay Equity Legislation Expands

Atlanta, GA – November 16, 2017 – InfoMart, a leading provider of global identity and background screening, has restricted employers from the ability to request salary verifications in response to pay equity legislation. New York City was the ninth jurisdiction to enact laws that prohibit the request and confirmation of income history, joining such states as Massachusetts and California in their goal of equalizing the employment arena with pay equity regulations. As a consumer reporting agency, InfoMart has adjusted their process in anticipation of other states and cities following this trend.

To proactively assist employers with what InfoMart predicts will be a legislative shift across the country, InfoMart’s platform will default to strike wage collection and authentication from the background screening process. Customers will have the opportunity to continue verifying income information only if they provide an applicant’s work location, allowing InfoMart’s system to apply pay equity laws according to the jurisdiction of prospective employment. As additional districts fall in line with this precedent, this method of processing will allow InfoMart to quickly respond by restricting salary verification, keeping InfoMart and their clients compliant.

As an NAPBS-accredited background screening provider, InfoMart stays on the cutting edge of exceeding the requirements of the industry. “InfoMart has a history of keeping ahead of changing legislation,” explains Adam Townsend, InfoMart’s Chief Operating Officer. “A primary component of our philosophy revolves around helping our customers maintain compliance. With nine cities and states already falling under this ban, and an additional twenty-one states considering wage verification legislation, we believe it’s best practice to restrict the ability to request salary information.” With more than 28 years of experience, InfoMart is an industry leader in the pre-employment vetting sphere, and the company leverages that position to shift practices to best benefit employers and consumers.

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