InfoMart Supports Natural Disaster Relief Efforts with Cajun Navy Foundation Partnership

Atlanta, GA – June 19 2019 – In a continued effort to support communities affected by natural disasters, InfoMart—an expert in global background screening and identity verification—has partnered with the Cajun Navy Foundation to provide background screening for their volunteers as an additional component of trust and safety to all parties.

The Cajun Navy Foundation mobilizes volunteers to disaster zones and provides immediate relief and rescue efforts during natural disasters. “Cajun Navy Foundation is proud to partner with InfoMart. We recognize the importance of establishing a vetting process, being clear about our expectations and holding people accountable. By collaborating with InfoMart, we believe that we can build and maintain a strong and productive team,” said Cajun Navy Foundation Founder, Rob Gaudet.

Hurricane rescue and recovery efforts remain close to the hearts of all InfoMart’s employees. It was less than fifteen years ago that the company’s founder and chief visionary officer, Tammy Cohen, led a rescue for 30 Katrina victims stranded in a boy’s home in the Ninth Ward.  It was a significant community effort requiring Georgia legislatures to coordinate a coast guard air-rescue, donate fuel due to the fuel crisis, and activate a convoy of passenger vans to drop off food and pick up the residents of the boy’s home, bringing them back to Marietta, Georgia.  Their efforts earned InfoMart a commendation in the 152nd Congressional Record.

“The people at the Cajun Navy Foundation are brave volunteers, unselfishly giving of their time, equipment and resources, to aid people in their most desperate times.  We have the technology and the expertise to support their mission. We hope that other great companies join their forces and multiply the effectiveness of agencies’ responses to national disasters,” said Cohen.

InfoMart is one of the top background screening providers in the industry, offering fast and accurate applicant information to companies around the world for over thirty years. Their expertise in compliance and fast turnaround times enables organizations like the Cajun Navy Relief onboard the best people for the job as soon as possible.

Background screening can be a lengthy and costly process without the expertise of an FCRA-certified and NAPBS-accredited background screening provider. Screening volunteers for an effort as emotionally intense and physically dangerous as rescue and relief is paramount to securing the safety of the victims, the volunteers, and the Cajun Navy Relief as an organization. Missing vital information could risk the positive impact of all present and future relief efforts in a nonprofit space.

“Background screening in nonprofit and volunteer industries is more important than ever. By minimizing the risk of noncompliance, an organization maximizes its ability to give back and support those in our community who need it,” said InfoMart CEO, Marco Piovesan.

As experts in workplace security and compliance, InfoMart recognizes the importance of confirming the safety of every workforce, and volunteers are no exception. By vetting the brave men and women who donate their energy to causes like the Cajun Navy Relief, InfoMart’s screening process makes the jobs of first responders that much safer.

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