Insala Announces Part 2 of Mentoring Millennials Webinar Series

Insala, a leading provider of mentoring software and consulting, is accepting registrants for its next webinar, “Mentoring Millennials: Boosting the Bottom Line,” which will be held Wednesday, October 17 from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. EST (4-5 p.m. BST). This is part 2 of the 3 part webinar series focused on mentoring millennials.

The millennial generation has become the majority in the workforce and this tech-savvy, hard-working generation is not only asking, but demanding for organizations to provide them mentoring opportunities. But what benefits does mentoring millennials bring to the organization? That is the question that will be addressed during this webinar, hosted by Insala’s own millennial employees, Matthew Heilman and Katie Mouton.

“This webinar series is not just about why millennials want mentoring, or how it can benefit them. We wanted to make sure that we also focused on how mentoring millennials can bring benefits to the entire organization. We know that mentoring is an investment and that ROI is at the top of every stakeholders mind” says Katie Mouton. “We are taking the time to address this because we know it is that important.”

Insala will dig deeper into the return on investment that an organization can gain through providing a mentoring program for the millennial workforce through the following agenda…

1. Attracting Top Millennial Talent
2. Increasing Millennial Retention Rates
3. Keeping Millennial Employees Engaged

The presentation is around 45 minutes in length, with the remaining portion being a Q&A session with the presenters. You may register for this webinar by visiting

As a provider of total mentoring solutions, Insala offers regular webinars that discuss all areas of corporate mentoring programs, including mentoring training, program planning, mentor/mentee matching, consulting, and software. To learn more about our webinars, please visit

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