Insala Launches Blog Focusing on Company's Thought Leadership. Insala's New Company Blog to Discuss Thought Leadership around Talent Development, SaaS Implementation

DALLAS/FT.WORTH – JULY 9, 2013 – Insala, a global provider of talent development consulting and software, launched its thought leadership-driven company blog earlier today. Regular contributors will include the company’s senior leadership, as well as talent management and SaaS consultants.

The blog will be updated every Tuesday and Thursday at

The newly-launched blog has two aims: first,to sharethe vision and experience of Insala’s subject matter experts, including chief executive officer Phillip Roark; and second, to provide a discussion forum for innovative and forward-thinking HR professionals.

Insala provides both software and consulting to support talent development, outplacement, and corporate alumni initiatives. General topics that the subject matter experts will discuss include:

– Talent development
– SaaS process and implementation
– Career mobility
– Career transition
– Corporate alumni

July is dedicated to discussing career development philosophy and software, with heavy emphasis on the idea of self-directed career development. CEO Phillip Roark and executive vice president, Matt Adams will be the primary contributors to this month’s blog updates.

“We have subject matter experts in the areas of mentoring, career development, career transition, and corporate alumni from different parts of the world,” says Stephen Grindrod, director of marketing and operations at Insala. “Launching a blog is the perfect solution to allow our experts to share their knowledge and vision, providing a way for HR professionals to stay up-to-date with the latest talent development strategic initiatives around the globe.”

About Insala

Insala is a leading global provider of talent development solutions through innovative web-based SaaS (Software as a Service) technology. Insala seeks to be a partner to organizations by focusing on their employees’ development at every stage of the employment lifecycle, providing solutions for career development, mentoring, coaching, career transition, and corporate alumni programs. For more information, please visit