Insala Releases Hi-Impact Mentoring Version 5, Includes Mentoring and Coaching Integrated in a Single Software Solution

Insala, a global provider of Web-based mentoring software solutions and services, announces the release of version 5 of its online mentoring software system that now allows administrators to integrate their mentoring and coaching program into a single online solution.

Organizations presently offering both coaching and mentoring can expect to experience major cost savings and greater gains in program efficiency, and have a means to promote a coaching culture as a mutually supportive activity with mentoring for talent development.

“It’s logical,” said Judy Corner, Insala director of mentoring services. “One platform to promote, inform, manage, and measure two talent development efforts that can have a tremendous impact on an organization’s bottom line.”

Version 5 allows participants to have multiple roles whether they are part of a mentoring, coaching or both types of programs with tools and resources specifically assigned to them. Furthermore, if employees are uncertain what activity to take part in, the software solution now qualifies them for the best activity based on their development needs and how coaching and mentoring are actually defined within the organization.

Pairing mentoring and coaching in one platform was propelled by global economic indicators leading to organizational belt-tightening and the recognition that mentoring and coaching meaningfully support organizational talent management initiatives. This includes retention, engagement, skill and career development, leadership and performance.

Some of the new features for version 5 also include more mentor matching features, new program management tools, better relationship management capabilities and more reporting features.

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