Insala Releases Trends on How Companies Are Utilizing Employee Career Development

Dallas, TX – April 18, 2017: Insala is a SaaS based organization specializing in career development solutions announces that they have compiled the results of a recent survey conducted by HR Professionals. The survey report focuses on what the latest employee career development offerings are and what is perceived to be the most effective. The report also includes an analysis of trends spotted from the same survey taken in 2011 and 2014.

The results includes trends such e-learning is continues to be on the rise as a career development offering, while traditional training is slowly declining. Insala’s Career Services Managing Director Stephen Grindrod commented “It’s very important to be aware of the trends in this type of survey report since it effects how well you develop your future leaders. Providing the most effective career development tools and activities will make your employees more engaged. If they are more engaged they will be with you longer and more productive. All this affects your bottom line.”

This survey gives readers insight on career development trends such as:

– What organizations currently offer to their employees in terms of career development methods
– What methods are perceived to be most effective from director level and above, and for all other employees
– Trends spotted in the continual growth of the career development realm over the past 6 years
– How organizations can use these trends to their advantage

The report will be available on May 10 2017 on [ ]

About Insala

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