Insala Webinar to Discuss the Importance of Mentoring During the Onboarding Process

Insala, the global leader in Web-based mentoring software and services, announces it will host a webinar on mentoring for onboarding. The webinar, “Designing a Mentoring Program to Improve Onboarding,” is scheduled and accepting registrants for Tuesday, December 4, 12:00 to 1:00 PM EST

Formal mentoring programs have been proven to support onboarding by giving employees a better understanding of the workplace and shortening the period from start date to calculable productivity.

Judy Corner, Insala’s mentoring expert for over 20 years, will lead a 40-minute presentation where attendees will learn:

1. What some of the common challenges of onboarding programs entail;
2. How mentoring can address such challenges;
3. How to design a mentoring program to support onboarding;
5. How to leverage technology to facilitate mentoring for onboarding; and
6. How findings from a case study analysis can be applied to their organization.

Insala’s complimentary webinar series covers a number of key topics on talent development strategies including career development and career transition as a critical part of an organization’s people strategy.

To register for this free event and gain strategic insights in mentoring for onboarding, visit For more information on mentoring, please visit

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