Insala's Director of Consulting Services and Mentoring to Speak at ATD TechKnowledge

19th January 2018: Insala, a leading global provider of mentoring software, has announced that their Director of Consulting Services and Mentoring, Judy Corner, will be speaking at the 2018 ATD TechKnowledge Conference in San Jose, California on Friday, January 26th.

Ms. Corner’s session, titled “The Global Knowledge-Sharing Network: Connecting Employees Online Through Mentoring”, will address the growing need to share organizational knowledge in different locations between co-workers more easily. In this session, attendants will learn how to launch a knowledge-sharing network that creates short-term mentoring partnerships.

When talking about the importance of this topic, Judy says, “We are now a more global workforce, which means seeking knowledge from a co-worker may not happen in your office location, instead the knowledge could be found from a co-worker across the globe. Launching a global knowledge-sharing network connects your employees quickly with the most qualified person who has that knowledge, with technology not only are the connections made easily, they are able to follow a defined process to exchange the knowledge effectively.”

Insala’s world-class Hi-Impact(R) Mentoring software allows knowledge sharing to take place through its flash mentoring tool. Employees seeking knowledge are characterized as mentees. Individuals with knowledge are mentors. The relationship is based on mentoring principles but having a short time span.

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