Insala’s Proven Mentoring Approach Offered in Upcoming Webinar: 3 Ways to Guarantee Mentoring Success at Your Organization

Dallas, TX – November 3, 2010 – Insala, the global leader in mentoring and talent management solutions, announces its upcoming webinar on Tuesday, December 7th at 12pm ET: “3 Ways to Guarantee Mentoring Success at Your Organization”. Visit, to reserve your place at this event.

Led by a mentoring subject matter expert with over 24 years experience in mentoring, job profiling and career development, this free webinar will provide practical and proven strategies to generate a successful program. Judy Corner, Director of Consulting Services at Insala, will share three of the critical factors for mentoring implementation that will contribute to mentoring success at any organization. In addition, she will provide examples of how each success factor enabled her to implement successful mentoring programs at a variety of organizations.

The three success factors are:

-Defining specific metrics for program success
-Obtaining qualified, well-trained mentors, and
-Ensuring the best possible mentor-mentee matches

“Regardless of the purpose or goal of mentoring, all successful programs consistently excel in the same areas. Whether your organization is establishing a mentoring program or already has one in place, these are three basic yet critical factors that, if properly defined, managed and administered, will ensure mentoring success,” says Corner.

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Insala is a leading global provider of web-based software for organizations implementing mentoring talent management initiatives. Insala’s mentoring solutions include mentoring program implementation for corporations and educational institutions, mentoring training programs, and mentoring software. Please visit us at or for more information.

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