InsideOut Development Launches InsideOut Breakthroughs

August 8, 2013, Salt Lake City, Utah–InsideOut Development, a leading professional services firm, announced the release of InsideOut Breakthroughs today. InsideOut Breakthroughs is a new half-day training workshop for individual contributors and frontline employees. It teaches employees a simple, yet powerful process for tapping into existing skills, talent, and knowledge to achieve higher individual performance and contribute to a performance-driven organization.

The InsideOut Breakthroughs workshop is based on InsideOut Development’s unique approach to performance. It’s designed to free up individual contributors to be more focused and engaged, to solve problems independently, and to get more done, in less time, with less supervision.

“InsideOut Breakthroughs takes the powerful principles of our approach-focus, faith, and fire-and puts them into the hands of the individual,” said InsideOut Development Founder and President, Alan Fine. “It not only allows them to realize better performance on-the-job, but it frees them up their best selves in every area of their life.”

Kim Capps, InsideOut Development CEO, added, “The InsideOut Breakthroughs program is a huge step forward in the company’s mission. InsideOut isn’t just about coaching, it’s a simply profound way to help everyone tap into their best selves.”

InsideOut Breakthroughs gives employees a fast and easy set of tools that they can immediately apply on the job to:

– Prioritize and complete tasks more quickly
– Access their existing skills and knowledge to solve problems
– Manage their time more efficiently
– Independently resolve customer and other related issues and concerns
– Accept and incorporate appropriate feedback
– Be significantly invested in their own work, and in their contribution to the organization

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