Insurance brokers can enhance prospecting efforts and boost efficiency with new mobile app. Zywave announces a mobile version of industry-leading Broker Briefcase marketing tool

Milwaukee, WI – Sept. 12, 2013

Whether preparing for tomorrow’s meeting on the road, pitching a prospect with an engaging presentation or answering client questions on the go, a winning insurance producer needs to be mobile ready. To equip the forward-thinking broker with the tools to succeed in today’s fast-paced world, Zywave today announced the addition of a mobile version of its leading marketing communications tool, Broker Briefcase.

Broker Briefcase(R) is a sales and marketing tool that pairs thousands of professional resources (for brokers, their clients and clients’ employees) with a powerful email distribution engine to simplify prospecting and client communication efforts.

“Built from the ground up, this exciting new mobile version takes the business-winning power of Broker Briefcase and puts it in a broker’s back pocket,” said Krissy Fischer, product director at Zywave. “Whether in front of a business owner, or on the road, brokers can leverage the impactful content they need to differentiate their pitch and deepen client relationships.”

“I was a broker for years, and time at my desk was time I wasn’t out there prospecting,” said Dave O’Brien, division president of insurance solutions at Zywave. “With Broker Briefcase mobile, producers can harness the power of the tool while they’re doing what they’re supposed to do: produce. Think about a prospect meeting. En route to the appointment, create a quick content grouping with your presentation and some related documents based on what you already know about the prospect. Then during the meeting display those pieces on your tablet and even hand it over to your prospect. Easily respond to pain points the prospect identifies by searching or browsing for additional content on the spot – and finish with a quick follow-up email from the parking lot to really impress.”

View our video for a visual snapshot of Broker Briefcase mobile.

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