Interaction Associates Partners with BETTeRprogram to Improve Learning Retention and Accelerate Behavior Change in Leaders

BOSTON, MA — September 16, 2011—The 40-year innovator of collaborative leadership methods that drive business results — Interaction Associates (IA) — has partnered with Innovative Facilitation of Canada and ValueAdd Group of Switzerland to provide clients with BETTeRprogram, a high-impact program that turns learning into behavior change.

Interaction Associates is a global firm specializing in company-wide learning programs for developing self-aware, strategic and collaborative leaders with a unique capacity to go beyond engagement to involve employees in driving key business results. BETTeRprogram designs and delivers personalized pre-work and follow-up programs that extend learning and development events. The company’s programs use an automated process to reinforce learning — facilitating and linking behavior change to individual and organizational performance results within 90 days.

“BETTeRprogram perfectly complements IA’s expertise in developing highly collaborative organizations and facilitative leadership cultures” said Linda Stewart, CEO of Interaction Associates. “Both companies are focused on helping clients get strong results — the value-add for clients in the IA and BETTeRprogram pairing is huge,” added Stewart.

BETTeRprogram’s e-Tips will reinforce learning and accelerate behavior change as an adjunct to Interaction Associates’ flagship program, Facilitative Leadership®. The BETTeRprogram e-Tips option consists of a series of strategic reinforcement videos in which a live coach reviews key leadership concepts for two-to-three minutes. These brief video coaching sessions are designed to boost retention of learning and accelerate behavior change — dramatically increasing leaders’ productivity and effectiveness. The automated program also measures and reports learners’ application of their training at work, allowing managers to evaluate the return on their program spending.

IA’s core leadership development focus builds leadership skills across three broad areas: strategic thinking, self-awareness, and collaborative capability. Led by Michele Patry and Justin Tomlinson, BETTeRprogram is widely recognized for expertise in developing innovative, practical educational solutions aimed at measuring and boosting learning results.

About Interaction Associates
Interaction Associates is a 40-year innovator of advanced methods for developing leaders in global companies. We help organizations build collaborative cultures and achieve excellence in a new measure of ROI — Return on Involvement — where employees go “beyond engagement” to share responsibility for business results. We develop leaders at all levels and focus on building proficiency in collaboration, strategic thinking, and self awareness. With offices in Boston and San Francisco, IA client services include organization-wide consulting, learning solutions, and coaching via a Global Talent Network. For more info:

About BETTeRprogram
ValueAdd group is an international group of entrepreneurs, business leaders and senior advisors focused on growing people and business. Innovative Facilitation is the inspiring “What if…” company unleashing the people potential in organizational performance. Together with ValueAdd group, Innovative Facilitation asked the question “What if…we could dramatically extend the impact of strategy and learning event?” The result: an innovative tool called BETTeRprogram. In this new age of social technologies, BETTeRprogram is used by several of the world’s leading companies to reinforce learning, implement change and communicate strategy. Visit

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