InterviewStream Announces Partnership with s2r2

InterviewStream is pleased to announce a partnership with s2r2systems, LLC (s2r2) to market and provide ongoing consulting services to companies with distributed sales teams. S2r2 was recently established by Steve Throneberry, former Chief Revenue Officer for InterviewStream, to focus on marketing RolePlayPRO, InterviewStream’s sales training platform. S2r2 will assist companies in more efficiently developing the skills employees need to consistently achieve their goals and meet organizational objectives. RolePlayPRO assists distributed sales teams in rapidly completing pre-recorded video role-play scenarios which managers can easily review for feedback and distribute as needed.

Throneberry has over 25 years of distributed sales force management experience and was the guiding force behind the development of the RolePlayPRO product within InterviewStream. He now will enhance InterviewStream’s offerings by assisting clients in their ongoing development of employee training within the framework of a comprehensive, company-specific program.

“RolePlayPRO was developed to help solve one the biggest problems with sales teams, especially in a distributed environment: ongoing and cost-effective training. Understanding your team and providing what they need, when they need it is really the Holy Grail of sales training,” said Throneberry. “Additionally, the ability to capture and share best practices globally is a game changer. I am excited to continue my partnership with InterviewStream and utilize this proven and trusted video-based platform.”

“InterviewStream is very excited to partner with Steve as he takes his depth of knowledge and experience within the sales force education field to work more closely with our RolePlayPRO clients and ensure a highly productive experience with our product,” said Roger Saylor, President and CEO of InterviewStream. “I have worked closely with Steve for over three years as Steve led our efforts to develop the RolePlayPRO product and to train our sales force. We look forward to a long relationship with him and s2r2.”

About InterviewStream

InterviewStream, the premier provider of video interviewing technology, continues to offer students and talent professionals a comprehensive global solution to prep, hire and train.

InterviewStream Prep helps students and job-seekers prepare for job interviews by creating a no-pressure environment to practice and review their skills.

InterviewStream Hire helps talent professionals maintain the human touch of recruiting and hiring while creating a more efficient process that saves time and money.

RolePlayPRO helps organizations mentor and develop talent while capturing the knowledge of the most skilled and experienced workers.

About s2r2

The s2r2systems model offers companies and organizations desktop and mobile solutions to capture critical elements within their environments vital to continued success. The s2r2 model focuses on capturing and easily distributing ‘best practices’ from identified subject matter experts (SMEs) securely within the organization’s environment.

Target areas include:

– Revenue stability and growth;
– Compliance & safety; and,
– Talent acquisition and on-boarding.

The s2r2systems are economical, project based solutions and plug into existing business ecosystems and sales models in localized or distributed environments.