InterviewStream Helps Job Seekers Avoid an Interview Scream

BETHLEHEM, PA / October 23, 2012 — InterviewStream, the most widely used video interview provider since 2003, brings you — an interview parody with a ghost, the devil, and Frankenstein, along with the top 10 tips for avoiding the horrors of a scary job interview.

In today’s crowded job market, InterviewStream is deployed by Fortune 500 companies, the world’s largest career transition firm, and over 400 campuses worldwide to conduct pre-recorded and live video interviews. With the rapid adoption of video interviewing, both candidates and recruiters rely on InterviewStream as the authority on successful video interviews, so the company created to share helpful tips and have a little Halloween fun.

“We’ve been working with universities and employers for almost 10 years and we’ve studied the hiring trends,” said Randy Bitting, InterviewStream’s CEO. “When you combine a competitive job market with an emergent technology such as video interviewing, preparation becomes the cornerstone to success.”

During the light of the last full moon, Bitting came up with these tips for job seekers to avoid frightening potential employers:

1. Using InterviewStream’s new iPad app to take your interview is really cool, but remember . . . they can SEE YOU. Don’t look like a cast member from “The Walking Dead.”
2. Vampires may suck, but make sure your internet connection doesn’t.
3. Don’t be a mummy and get all wrapped up in yourself. Be clear and concise so your interviewer doesn’t wish they were dead.
4. Make a good call and don’t wear stripes to take your interview; you don’t want to be mistaken for an NFL Replacement Ref — or worse, cause distracting vibrations in your video.
5. Sequels may work for “Resident Evil,” but there are no second chances at making a good first impression in a job interview. Take a practice question before recording.
6. Don’t pull a Frankenstein and grunt at your interviewer — speak clearly and enunciate.
7. Even though it’s fun to say “Frankenweenie” and it makes you laugh, try to stick to lucid, thoughtful responses to important interview questions.
8. Check your surroundings. There’s nothing scarier for a hiring manager than to see you sitting in a room that looks like Edward and Bella’s honeymoon suite (the night after).
9. Minimize the strobe light, slow motion, and paranormal video effects — good lighting and minimal body movement are both key to a good video interview.
10. Not practicing for an interview with InterviewStream is like navigating with iPhone Maps . . . or as some people call it, iLost.

Video interviewing has become a necessary tool to connect employers to candidates and preparation is key to a successful next step in the hiring process. According to Forbes, “Every year, regardless of the economy, around 40 million people change jobs in the US alone. There is a huge need for tools that make this matching game [connecting companies to candidates] easier.” To be prepared and make sure you’re a suitable match, check out InterviewStream’s Best Practices to avoid a frightening interview this Halloween season.

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